Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Minnesota: Bodycam Released – Cunt Patrol Thought Her Gun was a Taser


Actual information is down at the bottom. This article now has a bunch of updates, which are not very informational.

NOTE II: This Time, It’s Personal:

Regarding tonight’s riots:

My shift is almost over. I might watch some of the riots tonight, but I’m not going to do updates, and in fact, I’m not even going to post the stream. At some point, I have to end my shift. I had always planned to have a staff so there could be 24/7 news, but you people didn’t want to figure out how to send crypto, so the staff had to be significantly laid off. (Please send crypto.) We have skeleton staff now, but none has permission to post while I’m not online, because someone with that level of responsibility has to be paid more than existing staff.

If you want to watch tonight’s riots live, Antifa has a YouTube channel that usually has good streams (credit where credit due, the FBI is finally doing something useful to society). I imagine that will be the main stream tonight. If that one doesn’t work, gets banned, or sucks, I’m sure you can find threads at Gamer Uprising that will have streams linked.

UPDATE VII: Girls Gone Wild (Police Edition)

We’ve got the bodycam now, folks.

(Actually, we had it an hour ago, but I had missed the beginning of the press conference and just now went back and watched it, so some of my updates below might seem out of chronological order. Again, I am highly understaffed, I hate to write the entire rest of the site today while also trying to follow these developments.)

Read and see more: https://dailystormer.su/minnesota-cops-shoot-good-boy-for-no-reason-as-chauvin-verdict-looms/

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