Monday, April 12, 2021

Political Correctness Hoax: 1999 Video Shows DMX Getting Mostly White Crowd to Repeatedly Shout “Nigga”

In 1999 at Woodstock 2, DMX dressed up like Super Mario (for some reason) and got a crowd of mostly white people to repeatedly chant “nigga”


You may remember that in 2018, rapper Kendrick Lamar invited a fat white girl on stage to sing with him, and then condemned her for not skipping the word “nigga.”

(Note that it is white people in that crowd booing her – I don’t think black people would have understood what she did wrong.)

At the time, a whole bunch of black people – and even some white leftists – were saying it was a setup, and just a really nasty thing to do to someone, let alone your own fan who probably paid $70 for the ticket (at least 21 cents of which Ticketmaster would have given to Lamar).

Well, after DMX’s death, video has emerged of him at Woodstock 2 in 1999, with a crowd that is almost entirely white, getting them to scream “nigga.”

(Here’s the full show on YouTube, in case that clip gets deleted from Twitter. If your Twitter name is “Paul Joseph Watson is a Pedophile,” your account probably isn’t going to be up very long. By the way, I don’t even know what that is a reference to, but I believe it.)

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