Monday, July 19, 2021

Hubble space telescope's function is restored

image captionThe Hubble space telescope has been gathering data about the Universe for more than 30 years

 Engineers have restored the science instruments aboard the Hubble Space Telescope, after a glitch took them offline.

Astronomers can now begin collecting data for the first time since 13 June, when a computer stopped working.

Last week, engineers began switching over to backup hardware, in a bid to get one of the most important research tools in history up and running again.

It's the worst malfunction in years to hit the venerated observatory.

"Hubble is an icon, giving us incredible insight into the cosmos over the past three decades," said Nasa's administrator Bill Nelson.

"I'm proud of the Hubble team, from current members to Hubble alumni who stepped in to lend their support and expertise. Thanks to their dedication and thoughtful work, Hubble will continue to build on its 31-year legacy, broadening our horizons with its view of the Universe."

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