Thursday, July 8, 2021

Mary Maxwell Gates of United Way, John Opel of IBM, and the Very Shady Origins of Microsoft

 Bill Gate’s mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, was Chairwoman of United Way. Her father, was a wealthy banker, and her grandfather, was the President of the National City Bank, in Seattle; and was also the Director of the Seattle Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. With a family bloodline like this, you can see, Bill Gates was not simply smart, or lucky; but rather, “destined for success”, as They say.

For example, most know the (highly improbable) origin story of how Bill Gates and Paul Allen rose to economic power.

Tens of Microsoft documentaries have have come out, selling the same old idea to the public. That in 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen (barely out of their teens at the time — although Paul looks like he’s really around 40 for some strange reason), were just a couple of wily drop-out programmers, who managed to briskly walk into IBM (one of the largest corporations in the world at the time), immediately set up a meeting with IBM‘s CEO, John Opel, sell them a product (MS-DOS) that they did not even own at the time (after the deal, they allegedly bought a 86-DOS from Seattle Computer Parts for $50,000 to sell as their own)! Does that sound probable?

Then, they were able to go back an pull the proverbial wool over Opel’s eyes, in one of the most historical business deals ever made in the tech industry (as if Opel, the CEO of IBM, for that one meeting alone, decided to completely abandon all known standard business practices). That deal changed everything for both parties involved. IBM lost out, BIG TIME (ensuring Microsoft an 80%-90% share of the operating system market; and all the money that guaranteed for Microsoft, and the Gates family in the long run). For Microsoft, and the Gates family, it was only the beginning.

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