Sunday, August 1, 2021


This Complaint concerns my former property, a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan which I purchased in Tennessee during 2016. This Southern vehicle was clean, rust free, and I have driven it for tens of thousands of trouble free miles through many States. On Saturday 07/17/2021 the engine caught fire on Highway 23 in Green Lake and after noticing the fire, due to people in the opposing lane acting to get my attention I saw the thick cloud of smoke billowing from the undercarriage of the vehicle in the rear - I was traveling at 60MPH. I immediately pulled over onto the shoulder, shut off the engine, and thick clouds of acrid brown and black smoke began to fill the inside of the Van. I exited the vehicle with only my swimtrunks on along with my wallet and ran to the rear of the vehicle. Shortly afterwards the Green Lake County Sheriff arrived and while he took my license and told me he had probable cause for OWI I waited patiently in the shoulder as he directed traffic while the Fire Department put out the fire. The engine, engine compartment and hood were completely destroyed leading to a total loss of the vehicle. The vehicle was towed by 10-51 Towing & Recovery to their storage facility at N7763 State Road 44/49, Ripon, WI 54971 and I was arrested for OWI 4 by Green Lake County Deputy Sgt. K. Manning.

Yep - it is all trew.

As U know I'm one of the most dangerous Man around.

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