Monday, August 23, 2021

Afghan chaos perfectly illustrated the lies and futility of partisan politics

From RT:


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Events in Afghanistan exposed the hypocrisy of partisan thinking. This hopeless approach leaves the citizenry to disregard their leaders, convinced those in office worry more about placing blame than fixing problems.

If you’re a straight partisan thinker down the line to the Left or Right, accept that you will eventually become a political hypocrite. The rigors of real-world events have no obligation to adhere to conservative or progressive edicts, and the cyclical nature of politics eventually, yet invariably, throws a loyal political foot soldier’s stones right back at their glass houses of origin. 

To simplify this two-party phenomenon, the tactics amount to: “If it’s our idea, it’s good and right and true. If it’s their plan, it’s corrupt and immoral and doomed. If our guy eats the baby, we make excuses. If their guy dines on the infant, storm the gates.”

Perhaps the easiest demonstration of this hackery involves two of America’s most proficient woman-abusing presidents, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. During the height of the Lewinsky scandal (an event that made my life hell for the last couple of decades, with people asking the same obvious, dull-witted question – no, I’m not related) Democrat defenders insisted Clinton’s abuses of power and careful, legalese lies dealt only with sex and weren’t high crimes or misdemeanors. Republican assassins insisted Clinton’s lowlife circus in the Oval Office was grounds for removal.

Jump ahead to the reign of the Republicans’ own Sexual Predator in Chief, as Trump danced around the Stormy Daniels soap opera. It was the Democrats’ turn to clutch their pearls over an opposing president’s peccadilloes, while Republicans insisted it was all just locker room shenanigans.

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