Saturday, August 7, 2021

Has the US Begun Its "Great Retreat"?

I have to begin this column by admitting that “Biden” (note: when in quotation marks, I refer to the “collective Biden”, not the clearly senile man) surprised me: it appears that my personal rule-of-thumb about US Presidents (each one is even worse than his predecessor) might not necessarily apply in “Biden’s” case. That is not to say that “Biden” won’t end up proving my rule of thumb as still applicable, just that what I am seeing right now is not what I feared or expected.

 Washington is next.......

YES - the US has begun it's 'Great Retreat" - and I don't give a fuck.

Fuck the Nazi Police State.\\

Let it all fall - and I will sell it all and give it away - hey Assholes - come and get me - and Robin Vos dreams of wickedness. The poorer I am made in material riches - the more spiritually powerful I become. Long White hair and blue rings surrounding my Brown eyes. It is just a sign of my genetic gifts. I am a God.

And Fuck U to Biden, Cops, etc.  .

The more powerless I am made - the more powerful I become.

Take it all from me - Dis me in this material World - because it only makes me stronger in the Spiritual World. And Shiva will help me to destroy the Old and usher in the New. It is another turning - from the Age of Pisces - and of that I am  - 02-24-63 to the Age of Aquarius when the Water Bearer will wash away all the Sins.

Megadeth - Peace Sells:

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