Monday, January 10, 2022

The Entire Agenda of the Global Order is Anti-Natal (Anti-Family)

It’s amazing that the media just casually refers to the events of 1/6 as “the insurrection.”

Not “what some have called an insurrection.”

Just “the insurrection.”

The Guardian:

A year on from the Capitol attack by loyalist supporters of Donald Trump, many families are still reeling from members outing each other to law enforcement and offspring traumatized by their parents’ involvement in the insurrection.

Jackson Reffitt, a 19-year old from Texas, called the FBI weeks before his father, Guy Reffitt, stormed the US Capitol on January, saying that his father had been hinting at doing “something big”, Teen Vogue reported.

In text messages obtained by the magazine, Jackson’s younger sister texted their father in a family group chat, writing: “Dad, please be safe!! You know you are risking not only your business but your life too.”

Guy Reffitt replied: “I have no intention on throwing it away. I love ALL of you with ALL my heart and soul. This is for our country and for ALL OF YOU and your kids. God bless us, one and all … ”

Guy Reffitt has since been charged with numerous crimes.

The charges relate to obstruction of an official proceeding, obstruction of justice for threatening his children, transporting firearms with the intention of using them during the mob attack on the Capitol, and a misdemeanor charge of accessing Secret Service-protected grounds without lawful authority.

While in jail awaiting trial, the senior Reffitt texted news reports to the family group chat that featured photos of himself at the riots.

Jackson told Teen Vogue that as the attacks unfolded, live on television, he received a phone call from the FBI, asking him to confirm his father’s identity and he confirmed that it was his father at the riot.

Jackson now lives away from his family and rarely communicates with them.

It goes on.

This apparently happened a lot. Obviously not every case is going to be recorded. Those calls to the FBI are private. They don’t publish lists of people who snitched on family members.

It’s so alien, it’s on the level of trannyism. 

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