Thursday, June 6, 2013

performance-enhancing drugs

For the Olympics I believe it would be wrong for athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs.

When it comes to personal life and being a professional athlete, aren’t you suppose to “be all you can be”?

You go to school/college to enrich your brain to get a better job, what is wrong with using a drug to make your body stronger?


OKIE said...

Cheaters. If they can't be the best they can be without drugs then forget it.

Toad said...

SER, I will use Bowling as an example of what technology has done to sports, that I am familiar with. I understand equipment Is different than drugs, but the outcome Is still the same. When we were young, bowling equipment was made pretty much the same In all cases. Lanes were made of wood, Oil was applied to lanes by hand or bug sprayer, and I suspect the pins were all pretty much the same weight, and size etc. All of these things made the game difficult to master at best. A 300 game was HUGE news, and very rare. In about the 70s people started to test NEW ideas on how to improve the scoring, thus improve the participation In the sport. Everything under the sun has changed so much, that a 300 game Is common, heck, two 300 games In a series Is not terribly unusual. Anyhow, what I'm getting at, Is that all of these changes took away the skill of the sportsman, thus making It easier to WIN. In regards to sports enhancing drugs being legal, YES, everybody would have the opportunity to use them, making things even, but It throws ALL the historical events out the window, and that's a horrible thought. I just can't bear the thought of some of the long standing hero's of sports having their records broken by someone using drugs to be stronger.

OrbsCorbs said...

If allowed, pro athletes will kill themselves with drugs. They'll always try to push it a notch higher.

kkdither said...

The problem with allowing it for professionals would be that it would be more tempting, much more available and basically irresistible for younger people to use, especially with the enhanced ability and skill it delivers. That advantage, even for adults, comes with serious health related negatives, some life changing and irreversible.

Another issue would be that those who chose not to "use," would never be competitive enough to participate. I don't care to watch a bunch of chemically altered, android athletes competing at a level not possible for non-drugged humans. We might as well just build robots if we go that route.

OrbsCorbs said...

Steroids devastated "Professional Wrestling." Lot's of early deaths. Some of my favorite performers died young from drug use. Nobody was watching for drug use in the WWF.

SER said...

If the drugs where legal and I was a pro ball player, no way would I take them. I would rather be a fat little fluffy guy then turn 50 and have my heart explode.

KK is right about if they were legal, they would fall into the hands of young kids being wannabies.

Toad brought up a good point about equipment. Looking at golf they have changed the ball drastically along with the clubs. They even have a farm(?) which raises all types of grass to see which is the best for every climate and such.

legal stranger said...

Dupont stated........
Better living thru chemistry.

Professional sports are killing themselves.

As elective dollars dwindle, professional sports will continue to decline also.

Professional Baseball is already nearing it's demise, so will other professional sports decline in the near future.

The only thing professional sports cares about is themselves, clearly a case of insatiable greed and ego's. No loss either way.

MinnesotaChick said...

These "athletes" are getting paid MILLIONS of dollars a year to do something that their own special skills should provide. Not getting paid to be using drugs.
What does this show to kids? Where's the inspiration to succeed when you know it could be just a pill or injection away
My thought is , it takes away the true meaning of the word sport.

Toad said...

I never bowled It It, but they have/had a bowling tourney In Illinois called "The Peterson Classic" every year. The lanes were the old wooden lanes with nothing much done to them to enhance scores. I understand It was nearly impossible for good? bowlers to bowl good on these lanes with their special equipment. I guess you could say, It humbled them? I gave bowling up about 10 years ago. It became a game for people that could afford the best equipment for the best edge. I wonder how It's doing now that people can't smoke In the state? I had one game at Paradise West where It really didn't matter where I threw the ball. I got a Strike, Spare, and struck out for a 280 silliest game I ever bowled. A bowler on the other team we were bowling against also had a 280. I still don't know why I had to get a spare In the 2nd frame. I must have been tapped?