Friday, July 3, 2020

Sheriff Daniels Speaks

Dear City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Spokesperson Shannon Powell, and

Sheriff Daniels of Clay County has a very important message to share
concerning the Marxist and Radical BLM movement - watch:
Radical Left revolutionaries such as Mayor Cory Mason, his Staff, and
Alderperson Jason Meekma present a clear and present danger to the
Community at large. BLM is NOT a peaceful protest - but a radical
Democrat left wing organization designed to tear down the USA.

Mayor Cory Mason, his Staff and Alderperson Jason Meekma are
revolutionary anti-government extremists - who have infiltrated the
legitimate government - and are working on the inside to tear it all
down - while they benefit from the taxes, fines, fees, and forfeitures
they impose on peaceful Residents. That is wrong.

Smear me all you like Alderperson Jason Meekma - get me banned from
commenting on JT Mayor Cory Mason - but a peaceful man stands tall.
The revolutionary, destructive, and anarchist BLM movement must end.

Cory Mason and his staff MUST resign. City Attorney Scott Letteney and
Municipal Judge Robert Weber MUST be fired and denied any future
government employment.

Thank you for your time.


Tim & Cindy

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