Thursday, July 30, 2020

100 Different Police Agencies Withdrew Their Offer to Assist MPD at the Democratic National Convention.

Dear City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Spokesperson Shannon Powell, and

As SCC notes:

" The FOP has come out solidly against volunteering for this
short-notice detail in Milwaukee after approximately 100 different
police agencies withdrew their offer to assist MPD at the democratic
national convention.

If our advice and the FOP advice doesn't sway you, take this into consideration:

the 100 agencies that withdrew support did so after the Milwaukee
City Council banned the use of tear gas and pepper spray as crowd
control tool, even in the event of a civil unrest (a riot);
Wisconsin State law is written to forbid outside agencies from
using Force of any sort either on-or-off duty because your agency's
rules might not align with Wisconsin policy. In other words, what is
proper and legal in Illinois might not be in Wisconsin;
democrats have been advocating "defunding" for how long now? You
think you'll get any sort of fair shake if it goes south?

And can you imagine how hard the "protestors" are going to come after
a Chicago cop, out of state, in a foreign jurisdiction, with these
sorts of rules? We'll bet money that (A) Wisconsin pols would push for
you immediate arrest and (B) the CPD brass wouldn't even try to get
you proper representation. Hell, we can name three that would put the
cuffs on you and hand you over without even breaking a sweat.

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posted by SCC at 12:05 AM".
President George W. Bush in addressing a joint session of Congress
after 911 said, “Either you are with us, or you are with the

Cory Mason and his entire Staff must resign - and City Attorney Scott
Letteney and Municipal Judge Robert Weber must be fired.


Tim & Cindy


TSE said...

Enemies in front - and Enemies behind. War 360 degrees.

Stock said...

It's time for push back, class action lawsuits.