Friday, July 31, 2020

Swimming at North Beach and Zoo Beach currently off limits 'due to high bacterial counts'

From The Journal

Adam Rogan

RACINE — While Racine's beaches have remained popular this summer with warm weather and many attractions closed due to COVID-19, swimming in Lake Michigan at North Beach and Zoo Beach was temporarily banned Friday morning, the City of Racine, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department announced.
Health Department Laboratory staff took samples of the water and found "high bacterial counts," meaning it is unsafe for people to swim in the lake, according to a release from the city.
In a Facebook comment, the Parks Department said that its staff cleans the beaches every two hours, but its efforts could be improved if "more people will realize the importance of leaving it cleaner than when they arrived."
"You want our beaches open? Take care of the environment," another Facebook user said.
The swimming ban "will remain in effect until bacteria levels are within the accepted limits" the Parks Department said in a statement.

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