Friday, July 31, 2020

Restaurant, bar owners slam Gov. Mike DeWine’s proposal to ban alcohol sales after 10 p.m.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s proposal to cut off alcohol sales at restaurants and bars at 10 p.m. nightly was met mostly with frustration from Greater Cleveland restaurant and bar owners.
Several said DeWine’s approach punishes all bars and restaurants for the actions of a few bad apples. They want the governor to take more aggressive enforcement action against establishments violating the state’s coronavirus safety guidelines, saying it would be fairer and do more to control the spread of the virus.
“I’d love to see the science behind it. Where’s the science?” said John Lane of the Winking Lizard, whose company has been in business for 37 years and has multiple locations throughout Northeast Ohio. “Is there contact tracing that says we’ve got an inordinate amount of cases coming out of bars and restaurants? They already gave us restrictions on what we’re supposed to do. And how about the operators doing absolutely everything that the governor wants us to do? Where’s the enforcement for those that aren’t? Why penalize everyone because a few people are not abiding by the guidelines?”
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