Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Runner Poops In Mans Yard 4 Times"

Man that's some weird shit. Ha-ha-ha!

Is pooping in public a fetish that some people have? I assume that her jog gets her "going," and she relieves herself. I wonder where she's pooping during the week?

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I hope that you can relax this weekend.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Four for Fridays

Welcome back to another hot edition of Four for Fridays! It sure is hot out there already... 82 degrees as of this posting. Makes me think of summer questions....

1) What do you love the most about summer?

2) What do you do to cool yourself off in the summer heat?

3) What do think is a perfect summer song?

4) Did you chase after fireflies when you were a kid?

Enjoy your weekend!

Mom wins for Caledonia!!

She was excited and a little surprised that she won
our of quite a few nominations. 
It was definitely toasty out there but at least it 
was early morning before it became unbearable. 
Random strangers stop at her house just to look, 
and if she's home, she happily gives them the whole tour. 
She's worked really hard and loves this stuff.

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Have a fantastic one, too.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"'Senior moments' may have real link to Alzheimer's disease"

"Alzheimer’s disease experts gathered at an international conference in Boston this week have a fancy name for that sense that your noggin’ is just not ticking like the old days – subjective cognitive impairment.
"Studies in the last few years have been trying to bridge a divide between the anecdotal evidence of memory decline and objective, measureable signs, such as atrophy of certain brain regions evident through imaging devices, genetic anomalies on a cellular level, and other clinical tests. Studies suggest that these measurable cognitive declines can lead to Alzheimer’s, and possibly to early dementia."

Read more:,0,1159950.story

Uh-oh.  For years they've told us not to worry about occasional memory lapses as we age.  Now, they say, "Worry."  Next week, they'll tell us that worrying causes Alzheimer’s disease.  The week after that, they'll say that worrying is good for us.  Maybe I can just forget this whole thing.

Wisconsin Jazz Festival

"Detroit files for bankruptcy"

"The city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy on Thursday, making it the largest-ever municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history and marking a new low for a city that was the cradle of the U.S. automotive industry.

"In a letter accompanying the filing, Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder said he had approved a request from Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection saying 'it is clear that the financial emergency in Detroit cannot be successfully addressed outside of such a filing, and it is the only reasonable alternative that is available.'"

Read more:,0,6170774.story

How soon before Racine follows suit?  While Dickert rewards his cronies with millions of our tax dollars, our streetlights are taken down and our services cut.  $1.3 million tax dollars given to a multimillionaire to finance his private project: Porter's.  Why doesn't he use his own money?  Because he knows this will be another financial black hole.  He will piss away our money, but never his. 

I can't even conceive of $1.3 million.  Our tax dollars.  Given to a millionaire crony while our neighborhoods go dark and the trash piles up.  Why the hell should tax payers pay for this man's personal investments?  Where is he in the middle of the night when gangbangers attack?  Will he be there to help us?  Of course not, but he expects us to pay for his investments anyway.  Selfish swine and a traitorous mayor - they are enemies of Racine.       

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Some people just want it to be over.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Colorado town considers licensing bounty hunters to shoot down drones"

"The tiny town of Deer Trail, Colo. — barely more than a wide spot on Interstate 70 about 55 miles east of Denver, population 546 — is considering an ordinance that would authorize licensed bounty hunters to shoot down unmanned aircraft violating its 'sovereign airspace.'

"A six-page petition circulated by a resident says that the threat of surveillance from drones — regardless of who is piloting them — is a threat to 'traditional American ideas of Liberty and Freedom' enjoyed by Deer Trail’s 'ranchers, farmers, cowboys and Indians, as well as contemporary citizens.'

"Therefore, drone incursions are to be seen as acts of war.

"According to the proposed ordinance, which will be considered by the town council at its next meeting on Aug. 6, prospective bounty hunters can get a one-year drone-hunting license for $25.

"Proposed bounties will be $25 for those turning in the wings or fuselage of downed aircraft and $100 for mostly intact vehicles. To collect the bounty, the wreckage must have 'markings, and configuration … consistent with those used by the United States federal government.'

"Such 'trophies' then become the property of Deer Trail."

Drone hunting should be allowed throughout the United States.  Issuing licenses for bounty hunters is a good idea.  However, I believe that any property owner in the USA who sees a drone hovering over his property should be allowed to shoot it without a license. 

CAR25 is now BelleTV

BUMP.  Racine Community Media ( has an interesting commentary on this subject from one of CAR25's former staff:. 

"Former Racine  Employee RIPS Racine Journal Times Via Commentary"

"This commentary was sent in to us by a former employee of The City Of Racine, in regards to an article written about CAR25/BelleTV, by the Racine Journal Times. Here’s a link to the story, and also his submitted commentary, enjoy!

"I’m a long time consumer of the Racine Journal Times, and fully understand the challenges of a small paper asked to do more with less. Unfortunately, I have to complain today about your article discussing the re-branding of Racine’s cable access channel. 
"Your story is incredibly one-sided. Although you make the minor effort of getting two different people to quote, they work for the same company (Skies Fall) and represent almost identical viewpoints. There’s no quote from any of the old CAR 25 staff, members of the community, or aldermen. You don’t even present a view point outside of the narrative Belle TV has given you. This is not journalism. It’s weak, P.R. style writing. You owe the citizens of Racine better than that.

"For example, I worked at CAR 25 for almost three years prior to the outsourcing of the channel. Our spending power was never $106,000 as you suggest in your story. We were always told to stay under an operating budget of $80,000, with the other $26,000 in a separate account that our manager was never able to freely spend. Because of that, we never got the kind of upgrades to equipment or staff hours that we needed. It’d be nice to hear that side of the story, rather than have it be ignored.

"I have worked professionally as a videographer for four years, and can critique a variety of things Belle TV has struggled with. They consistently shoot interviews with a window in the background, leading to a ton of issues with their lighting. They often frame interview subjects poorly, without any natural 'looking space;. The camera shots are often shaky, and aren’t white balanced. Interview questions are incredibly soft and repetitive. I could go on with other legitimate critiques. It’s astounding that you published this article without talking to anyone who could give expert evaluation and criticism to some of Belle TV’s work.
"I was a print and broadcast journalism major at UW-Milwaukee. It takes more than just reporting what someone tells you to craft a strong story. You need to objectively capture every detail you can about any story, in a way that lets a reader decide for themselves what to think and believe. Question what people tell you. Investigate the numbers, dig a little deeper and expose people’s lies or half-truths. It’s incredibly frustrating to read your stories, and know that some of the information is simply wrong.

"Thanks for reading my thoughts,

"Justin Wheeler

"After thought to my letter to the Journal Times (Or an overly simplistic look at why newspapers don’t work like they used to, and what we can do about it):
"I’ve lived in Racine for the entirety of my existence. Though it’s fairly common place and acceptable to criticize some of the qualities of our local newspaper, the Racine Journal Times suffers from a much larger problem that is destroying journalism in our country.
"That’s the shrinking of the 'News Hole', the amount of space in a newspaper after the advertisements and fluff pieces have been situated.  At the core of the news hole is the investigative, inquisitive, journalism that our democracy thrives on. 
"But that kind of writing is extremely expensive and time consuming.  I don’t need to highlight the financial struggles the newspaper industry has found itself in. But the reason newspapers don’t make money like they used to might surprise you. It’s not as much about subscription rates going down. It’s more about how little newspapers can charge for online advertisements, in comparison to color print ads in the actual paper. 
"Obviously, the Journal Times was a little slow in developing online subscription charges, and once they did, even more people left to consume news elsewhere. 
"So here we are, newspapers around the country face a reality of operating on sometimes less than 1/4th of their staff sizes in the early 1990’s. Instead of having three or four government reporters, small papers have maybe one journalist to write multiple stories every day. Instead of having the time to question the quotes and information, newspaper journalists are in a race to stay relevant, pushing their stories out quickly. 
"To fill space, papers use more 'Associated Press' stories, which lack the local context and personality of our individual cities. More, cheap, stories dominate our papers. Instead of a month long investigation into crime rates in the inner city, we get stories about natural stress relief tips and the benefits of frozen yogurt. Recently, the Racine Journal Times began publishing old stories from their archives. While interesting, this is a substitute for new stories they can’t produce.
"We who consume the news must be aware of this.  We must be ever more resourceful in finding real journalism. It’s still out there.  What you see on MSNBC and Fox News isn’t journalism. It too, functions as cheap(er) filler for real news. We could pay hundreds of journalists to produce enough real news for a 24 hour news cycle. Or we could pay 4 or 5 idiots to debate immigration policy for an hour a day. Which one saves more money? 
"So, read more blogs, and talk with more people that share different opinions than you. Let the open market competition of ideas reveal a more accurate truth. Still read the newspaper, because they still do a lot of things very well. Just keep in mind, more with less doesn’t work in the field of journalism. And we the people are paying for it.

"Questions or Comments? 
"Follow Justin on Twitter @The1Life2Live4
"Or Facebook: Justin Wheeler
"Or Email:"

Thank you, Journal Times and lying John, for fucking over our community.  We have to get rid of Dickert.  We also have to get rid of management at the JT which poisons the population with Dickert's lies on a daily basis.   They are enemies of Racine and should be treated as such.  They're not even from Racine.  Lee Enterprises sends in their carpetbaggers to pump all the money that they can out of a community.  They don't give a damn about Racine or you or me.  The Journal Times constantly berates others for doing exactly what it does.  Hypocrites and deceivers. Get the lying liars out of our city!     

Originally published on July 15, 2013 at 8:48 PM:

CAR25 is kaput.  It's replacement, BelleTV, promises to be a mouthpiece for Dickert and his pals.

I thought that these cable stations were given to communities so that residents could produce their own TV programs.  CAR was Cable Access Racine.  It doesn't look like that is going to happen with BelleTV.  They want to sell ad time instead.

Dickert already controls the Journal Times.  Now he controls what we see and hear on our cable access channel.  Soon an ordinance will be in place giving Dickert complete control over who says what during the public comment portion of Common Council meetings.

What's next?  Loyalty oaths?

      *     *     *     *     *

BelleTV home page: BelleTV story:

Racine 4th of July Parade, 2013:

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my hot tamales!  How are you?  Now this weather is more like it: hot and humid.  That’s summer.  August can get baking hot.  It will be interesting to see if we continue to get rain.  Everyone’s lawn is green.  Usually, the grass goes dormant in August because of the heat and lack of moisture.  That may not happen this year.

Please don’t forget about your pets in the heat wave.  If kept outdoors, they need a lot of water and some shade.  Never leave your pets in your car while you shop.  It gets very hot very quickly in vehicles parked outdoors, even if the windows are cracked open.

What gets to me is that as I wrote the above, I thought, “I probably should say ‘pets and children.’”  Unfortunately, there are individuals in Racine who treat their children worse than dogs.  Don’t leave your children in the parked car while you shop, either.  It can get hot enough to kill them.  Also, who knows what nut is running loose where?  Child abduction can occur within seconds.

Beat the heat.  If you don’t have air conditioning at home, you can go to public buildings to stay cool.  Drink plenty of water.  Wear light, loose fitting clothing.  Protect your eyes and skin if you go outdoors.  Also, wear a hat if you go outdoors.  A cool bath might make you feel better than a hot shower. 

I found the video below by accident.  It’s very short and to the point. 

Oh my, that wasn’t very nice.  I think that gentleman needs to take anger management classes.  If he slapped me like that, I’d slap him back into the last century.  The “clairvoyant” in the video is not a certified Professional Psychic (PP).  You get what you pay for.

Thank you, my friends and otherwise, for dropping by my blog.  I love visitors.  “The more, the merrier.

How hot is it?

Enjoy the weather, my dears, but don’t overdo it.  Remember to drink plenty of fluids.  Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can occur rapidly.  Take it easy.  Take care of yourselves.  Wittol!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Toothache Home Remedy

Unfortunately, I posted this too late to help lizardmom and SER.

The best remedy I had was to hold a shot of bourbon in my mouth up against the bad tooth. An alcohol bath. Then I swallowed the shot. Repeat until I can't feel a thing.

Those days are long gone. So are my teeth.

Fluffing Up Lately?

Visa recently completed a study and found that people who use their credit cards at fast food restaurants spend (on the average) 30% more then if they paid with cash.

So when you get on the scale and it says "one at a time please" maybe you should pay cash the next time you stop for the special burger you have a taste for.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013


"Raiders Beat Madison Mustangs, 51-33, in Rivalry Renewed After Nearly 40 Years"

"July 14 (RACINE) - The Racine Raiders (3-0, 1-0 MSFL) extended the team's winning streak to 17 games against a team that is used to winning, the Madison Mustangs (0-1, 0-1 MSFL) in front of 1,458 fans at Historic Horlick Athletic Field in Racine Saturday night..

"The Mustangs won 54 straight games before losing in the Ironman Football League championship game last season and have now lost two straight for the first time since at least 2007. It was the first time the two franchises played since October 12, 1974, when Racine beat Madison using a second half comeback.

"The Raiders gave the Mustangs defense a heavy dose of running back J.R. Taylor early on and it paid off as Taylor had 12 carries for 116 yards and 3 touchdowns at the half and the Raiders led 21-6 going into the locker room.

"The teams combined to put up 41 points in the third quarter. Raiders quarterback Craig McClelland started to heat up in the second half, tossing three touchdowns to three different receivers in the third quarter.

"David Pietrowiak and the Mustangs kept pace, however, as Petrowiak also threw three touchdowns in the third quarter, including a 20-yard pass to Austin Ryan as the clock expired to pull Madison to within 16 points heading into the final quarter.

"The Raiders controlled the ball for nearly seven minutes to open the fourth quarter and got a 30-yard field goal from Joel DaPra to extend their lead 45-26.

"Racine would turn Pietrowiak's third interception of the game into another touchdown on a 9-yard run by Ivry Lashley, the rookie's first touchdown as a Raider, and increased lead to 25 points with 4:30 to play.

"Madison scored one more touchdown, this one a defensive touchdown. Raiders running back Floyd Underwood never got the handle on a handoff from McClelland and coughed it up right into the hands of Noah Williams who returned it 60 yards for a touchdown to make the final score 51-33 in favor of Racine.

"Pietrowiak set a Madison record with 381 yards passing. He threw for four touchdowns but also had three passes intercepted and lost a fumble. Taylor finished with 145 yards and the 3 touchdowns. McClelland threw for 176 yards and 3 touchdowns.

"The Raiders hit the road until August 7. They head to Williams Bay High School to play the Lake Geneva Generals next week. The Raiders are 3-0 all-time against Lake Geneva. The game will be broadcast on News/Talk 1400 AM WRJN beginning with the pregame show at 6:45 p.m. CT.

"The Racine Raiders, a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization, begin their 61st season of operations in 2013. The Raiders won their eighth national championship in 2012. Find out more about the Racine Raiders at"

The Mother of All Russian Dashcam Videos

Some of these I've seen, some I haven't. I appreciate that dashcams are so popular in Russia. They've provided me with much entertainment.

Useless Information

Did you Know:
75% of the noise generated on US highways is caused by tire noise not engine noise!