Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, boys and girls!  How are you?  Did you survive the big snowstorm?  More of a pain in the butt than anything else. Our excellent public work employees moved the snow swiftly and surely.  Thank you.  By the time I hit the road, the streets were cleared.  Of course, I didn't have to shovel the snow.  I understand it was wet and neavy.  Thank you Señor Zanza and Junior for clearing our house and driveway.

How about dem Packers?  I'm almost ashamed to say I'm a Packer fan.  Think McCarthy will get sacked?  We''ll see.  Anyway, they're facing the Carolina Panthers in their next game, perhaps the only team sorrier than the Pack.  If we don't beat them, we're out of the playoffs.  What the heck happened to them?  Was it injuries?  Bad coaching?  Poor throws by Rodgers?  What?

Here are the standings in the Irregular Football League:

OK, I've sunk a bit, but, unlike the Packers, I'm assured of being in the playoffs.  Mr OrbsCorbs' team is showing remarkable prpgress, but The Mighty Bears have us both beat.

Soon it will be December and the countdown begins to Christmas.  Junior is on his very best behavior because he wants to impress "Santa Claus."  I think he wants something for his car, but I don't know what.  As far as I'm concerned, he should wish for a whole new car.  He drives around in that wreck like he's in the Indy 500.  He's on Señor Zanza's insurance, so I shouldn't complain.

Everywhere you go, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Our early winter has brought on early celebrating.  Christmas parties are popping up all over the place.  If you can't make it to one, throw one yourself.  All you need are booze, glasses, and Christmas CDs.  Play those CDs until you're sick of them.  Then throw them in the garbage.  You can only hear certain songs a number of times before you go berserk.  I'm surprised there haven't been any mass shootings over this.  I don't think that Christmas music makes you more likely to buy anything,  It's just an annoyance.

Daily my answering machinwe has scams on it.  It's incredible the stuff that's out there.  And people fall for them over and over again.  It makes me think of doing a Zoltar scam.  I wonder how much money I'd make?  I wonder if I could sleepr at night.

I love you all, just like Santa.  Behave and be careful when dealing with winter's wrath.  You're all my friends.

Stay warm and drive very carefully.  Your vehicle could slip and slide on the ice and frozen snow.  If you have 4-wheel drive, good for you!  Please realize that most people don't have it and therefore may go slower than you'd like.  Go to a rally if you want to speed.
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Tender Heart Bear said...

Madame Z I am so happy to be a Bears fan unlike the people that are Packer fans. I know the Bears are in the playoffs and I just can not wait to see how far the go in the playoffs.

Kids are always on their best behavior this time of year and only this time of year. The rest of the year they do not care how they treat anyone especially their parents.

racinecountycorruption said...

Da Bears are back!