Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Better Mount Pleasant sends:

Read this. Share This. 
~ Residents were not allowed to see the developer's agreement with 
Foxconn until AFTER it was approved by Trustees who could not discuss 
~ Appraisals for purchased properties that appear to exceed the 
village's stated "formula" are being withheld from public view by 
village attorneys. 
~ At least 18 eminent domain actions were filed against residents by 
the Village Administrator which were never discussed or approved by 
Trustees in open and public meetings. 
~ No one knows what Foxconn plans to make. 
~ No one knows what chemicals Foxconn plans to use. 
~ No one know what kind of workers Foxconn plans to hire. 
~ No one knows what Foxconn plans to do with 2000 acres of extra land 
the village is purchasing and moving out residents to benefit Foxconn. 

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