Saturday, November 24, 2018

More from Trowbridge Ford 
It's always strange.... because my cousins had a Rocky the Dog - who 
actually would retrieve thrown rocks - got to visit them once in 
California - Granada Hills area. 
Well, my Uncle Ron worked overseas until he died at an early age - he 
enjoyed Cottage Cheese, Vodka, and Winston Cigarettes for Breakfast! 
Spoke Farsi and lived under the Shah - kicked out under Kohmenini - 
went to live on in Saudi and eventually dies while working in Oman for 
the Minister of Defense. 
He dressed in traditional Arab dress! White Robe and coiled red 
headdress! I have a pic somewhere. 
This Trowbridge Ford is an interesting guy - with his "wacky claims" - 
but there is a lot of truth in there..... 
Trowbridge Ford is a former US Army Counter Intelligence Corps 
analyst. Now retired in Sweden, he theorises about deep events and 
deep politics.

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