Monday, December 2, 2019

Big Things Happening in Chicago

Special Ed - aka Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson *FIRED* -
just as he announced his retirement. Will be interesting to see the
fallout. He may lose his pension - and those he promoted in the
testing cheating scandal and "merit" promotions might also go down.

From Chicago Tribune:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot fired police Superintendent Eddie Johnson
effective immediately Monday for intentionally misleading her and the
public about his conduct when he was found asleep in his running
vehicle at a stop sign after a late weeknight out in October.

“This moment needs to be a turning point for the Chicago Police
Department and the way things are done in this city,” said Lightfoot,
emphasizing that “culture change” must take place.

The mayor said she personally delivered the news Monday morning to
Johnson, the fourth of the last six superintendents to be fired or
resign amid scandal. She gave three reasons for dumping him:

-- That he “engaged in conduct that is not only unbecoming but
demonstrated a series of ethical lapses and flawed decision-making” in
the incident in October.

-- That the superintendent called a news conference later the day of
the incident in which he communicated “a narrative replete with false
statements, all seemingly intended to hide the true nature of his
conduct from the evening before.”

-- That Johnson intentionally lied to the mayor several times, “even
when I challenged him about the narrative that he shared with me.”

On Monday, Lightfoot told reporters she had reviewed the city
inspector general’s report into the October incident and videotaped
evidence that left her with no choice but to fire Johnson.

“I saw things that were inconsistent with what Mr. Johnson had told me
personally and what he revealed to members of the public,” she said.

With the inspector general’s report still not public, Lightfoot
declined to be more specific about what the videotaped evidence showed
but hinted that it would be hurtful to Johnson’s family.

“While at some point the IG’s report may become public and those
details may be revealed, I don’t feel like it’s appropriate or fair to
Mr. Johnson’s wife or children to do so at this time,” she said.

LOL! Of course Johnson was having affairs with subordinates!
From Second City Cop:
Your tenure will go down as some of the darkest days of the CPD.

But not THE darkest - we fear those days are still to come.

Groot got the knife good and sharp before shitcanning the Accidental

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has been fired, Mayor
Lori Lightfoot announced Monday, after he lied to her. Lightfoot cited
an incident in October in which Johnson was found asleep in his car
near his Bridgeport home. He said he neglected to take a prescribed
medication and became lightheaded before he decided to pull over, but
Lightfoot said he told her that he also had “a couple of drinks” at
dinner before driving home.

Since then, the city’s Office of the Inspector General has been
investigating the incident, and Lightfoot said that investigation
showed “Eddie Johnson repeatedly lied to me.”

A statement issued by the mayor’s office said the investigation is
ongoing, but based on “a thorough review” of the materials gathered
during the probe, “it has become clear that Mr. Johnson engaged in a
series of ethical lapses that are intolerable. Mr. Johnson was
intentionally dishonest with me and communicated a narrative replete
with false statements regarding material aspects of the incident that
happened in the early morning hours of October 17. Had I known all the
facts at the time, I would have relieved him of his duties as
superintendent then and there.”

Instead, Lightfoot had taken part in what she called a
“celebratory press conference” when Johnson announced his retirement.

So now what happens when Groot realizes that Special Ed's entire
tenure was full of lies, cheating scandals, incompetency, double
standards and ethical lapses? Is she going to fire all of them, too?

UPDATE: Our source, buried deeper than Hell itself, correctly
predicted this one two days ago. We are indebted to them.

And of course - Hey Jackass!

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