Saturday, December 14, 2019

New Lows Reached in City of Racine

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

I note that the City of Racine has achieved a new low - as it now
seeks to end the cable franchise which provides much needed City
revenue - and which was once headed by Scott Nelson - as a local
alternative to Corporate/Government controlled media.

As Cindy and I note:

"Cory Mason and the Common Council had NO problem with increasing the
Mayor's office from 3 underworked persons at a cost of $460,080 to 5!
YES - 5 persons collecting a taxpayer funded salary and huge tax-free
benefit package at $736,435.

Yet CAR 25 has to go.....

And didn't John Dickert and Mary Jerger Osterman promise that Belle
City TV would be broadcast everywhere, bring in thousands of tourists,
and millions in revenue!

There needs to be a criminal investigation to what happened during the
transition, how the transition occurred, where the equipment is, and
why it was allowed to be destroyed".

Meanwhile more criminal activity continues as RPD - under the
direction of Mayor Cory Mason acts to protect a criminally drunk City
Employee who not only engaged in hit and run - fled the scene - and
lied about the circumstances.... well - that Lying, drunk, and harmful
Employee is RPD Sgt. Sam Stulo.

I'll tell you what - the criminals in this case are Mayor Cory Mason
and Chief of Police Art Howell for defending RPD Officer Sam Stulo
against his criminal actions and participating in a cover-up. Is there
anyone with a sense of morality and fair play - except for Sandy
Weidner and sometimes Carrie Glenn who sits on the Common Council?

Sgt. Sam Stulo needs to be !FIRED! and imprisoned - along with Chief
of RPD lying, cheating and hating Police - Art Howell. Incompetence
and Cover Ups are his Chief profession.

Then we got Teezers Bar - license STILL not yet revoked - despite
various shootings, killings, madness & mayhem - OH WAIT! WHITE and
politically owned! Cop bar - where what happens there is
While "more studies planned" at taxpayer expense because Downtown
Ratcine sucks.
Meanwhile - "Top Cop" Racine County DA Trish "The HAM" Hanson's
Husband has.... well...

Did you know that Michael Gabbey, the husband of current Racine County
District Attorney Patricia Hanson-is currently under investigation by
the Wisconsin Judicial Commission? Did you know that after allegations
were lodged against him, he resigned from his position as Town of
Norway Municipal Judge?

One of the more probable reasons why Michael Gabbey resigned from this
position may have been the ongoing investigation on him by the
Wisconsin Judicial Commission. Allegations of sexual harassment by a
former court clerk/secretary to be exact. According to a highly
reliable source within the Racine County Government, while acting in
the capacity of Judge, Michael Gabbey made sexually charged comments
to this woman over an extended period of time. So much so that the
woman's husband filed an official complaint-which later reached the
Wisconsin Judicial Commission as well as the Norway Town Board.
According to this source, Judge Gabbey told this court employee that
he had a 'big p***s' and invited her to his home to partake in a 3
some with another 'big d**k firefighter from Racine.' Women described
feeling 'harassed' and 'intimated' by him. Furthermore, absolutely no
local media outlets have, so far, reported on ANY of this. An Open
Records request lodged on September 23, 2019 for any information
regarding these allegations was met with a brick wall.
City of Ratcine needs to stop oppressing, hating, and killing
Residents because it is obvious - to even the most jaded and faded
Observer - that there is an endless supply of money and paid enforcers
to continue the evil dictates brewed up at Ratcine City Hall to drive
out all those who are ACTUALLY creative and productive.

Government is merely a WEALTH TRANSFER SCHEME. John Dickert and Cory
Mason are it's top beneficiaries.

What EVIL - you represent.

Thank you for your time.

Tim & Cindy

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