Sunday, December 8, 2019

No hearing for Weidner appeal; decision to be based on briefs filed

The verbal and mental abuse Alderman Sandy Weidner received from former Mayor John Dickert in public meetings - and that continued abuse under Mayor Cory Mason and City Attorney Scott Letteney needs to be properly addressed - and Sandy needs to be exonerated and reimbursed for her legal bills, pain and suffering.
It has already been determined by the WI Court of Appeals that CITY OF RACINE is a lawless actor - Racist, and unlawfully took away the property and Business of an African-American male - whose name is Thomas Holmes and DBA Park 6.
In the action CITY OF RACINE took against an African-American Male - the Complainant - then Chief of Police Kurt Wahlen - admitted that he was not cognizant of the requirements of law (as that he would have to swear his Complaint was true) and then claimed that he couldn't remember if he swore to the statement or not. So CITY OF RACINE has a Police Chief - Kurt Wahlen - who DOESN'T know the law and has a faulty memory. Those are the facts.
What has to be determined next - is why John Dickert, Cory Mason, and Scott Letteney want to abuse, prosecute and persecute Alderman Sandy Weidner for asking questions and dissenting.
I eagerly await the Courts decision.

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legal stranger said...

The Court of Appeals are trying to minimize any news about this case where Judges Gasiorkiewicz and Neubauer committed crimes against the public and Weidner.