Sunday, June 14, 2020


From Racine County Corruption:

Art Howell
Chief of Police
City of Racine

Unknown to RCC at the time we sent an open letter
 to Police Chief Art Howell, we belittled the Chief for his silence after being accused of harboring white supremacist  murderers 
within his department.

We were promptly informed that our take of the silence was wrong and we want to make it right. 
Truth be known, Chief Howell had been very active using diplomatic channels to prop his officers and address the outrageous and unsubstantiated attack by Police and Fire commission board member and REU president Angelina Cruz.
Angelina Cruz
REU President
City of Racine Police and Fire commission board member

Chief Howell wisely used diplomatic channels rather than the press to address Ms. Cruz's unsubstantiated statements. 

Being there was no public dialogue by the chief concerning Cruz's statements, we assumed that Cruz had gotten a free pass to say whatever she wants to say about law enforcement. 

We are pleased to say Cruz is currently under heavy scrutiny by the public and numerous members and supporters of law enforcement.

Sorry Chief for getting it wrong.

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