Wednesday, July 1, 2020

An open letter to Kenosha Circuit Court Judge Chad Kerkman

From Racine County Corruption:

Judge Chad Kerkman

Judge Kerkman,

With great interest I watched today's ZOOM hearing. 
I must say I was disappointed with your handling of the opening of the case.

I wish to express ways for you to provide a better hearing environment using ZOOM or phone in service..

1. Before the hearing starts, provide all participants with rules of expected conduct and direct when each participant can speak.

2. Have each participant identify themselves each time they address the court.

3. When you inadvertently disconnect a participant, take the time to reconnect the participant to the ZOOM platform.

Follow these few suggestions and you may provide for a fair hearing.

FYI, I was truly outraged by your conduct of muting Plaintiff Sandy Weidner. Sandy has and had a right to address the court today and was going to provide a brief statement before court proceedings began.

There is something seriously wrong with a court that "gags" the plaintiff, represented or not.

You disconnected Attorney Hinkston from the ZOOM Platform and made no attempts to reconnect him, and then mute Sandy, your conduct just doesn't sit well with me.

Being Sandy came out of jurisdictions who engaged in ethical and criminal misconduct against her,including engaging in illegal secret proceedings, I most certainly expected better judicial discretion from your court.

Harry Wait
4353 Shianne Street
Union Grove,Wi. 53182

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