Thursday, July 16, 2020

Former School Board member Lisa Parham pardoned

From The Journal

Stephanie Jones:

RACINE —  Former Racine Unified School Board member Lisa Parham has received a pardon from Gov. Tony Evers. It will allow Parham to run for school board again in the future, which she plans to do.
Her pardon was one of 18 that the governor granted this week, following a June 23 virtual Governor’s Pardon Advisory Board meeting, the governor’s office announced Thursday morning.
 “A pardon won’t fix the challenges facing our criminal justice system, but it can have a tremendous impact on a person’s life,” Evers said in a statement. “Each of these people earned a pardon by serving their sentence and making positive contributions to society.” 
According to the press release announcing her pardon, Parham, whose full name is Shelesia Parham and is now 51, “was 23 when she forged her mother’s name on multiple withdrawal slips for her mother’s account. Her relationship with her mother is mended and she fully supports a pardon.”
The conviction happened under her married name, Shelesia Mann. After her divorce, she has since gone back to her maiden name Parham.
Parham is the owner and CEO of the Racine Mirror, Insider News Racine and the Kenosha Labor Paper. She is also planning to launch a Hispanic newspaper starting Sept. 15.
Parham was elected to the Racine Unified School Board April 7, 2015 and started serving on the board April 27.

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