Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Trump memo excludes undocumented migrants from key census count

Memorandum means undocumented migrants will not be counted when US congressional districts are redrawn.

US President Donald Trump stands between Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Attorney General Bill Barr to announce his administration's effort to gain citizenship data during the 2020 census [File:Kevin Lamarque/Reuters]

US President Donald Trump signed a memorandum on Tuesday that aims to prevent undocumented migrants in the United States from being counted when congressional voting districts are redrawn in the next round of redistricting.
US Census experts and lawyers said the action would be legally dubious, likely benefitting Trump's Republican Party by eliminating the largely non-white population of migrants in the US without documentation.
Redistricting occurs both at the state level to draw maps for state house legislatures and at the federal level to draw maps for US congressional districts. The latter are known as congressional apportionment.
Proponents of citizens-only voting districts argue each vote should carry the same weight. If one district has far fewer eligible voters than another, they say, each vote there has more influence on election outcomes

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