Monday, August 24, 2020

Documents show Jacob Blake, shot by Kenosha cops in riot-unleashing incident, has record of domestic abuse

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The filmed shooting of a black man by police officers triggered riots in the Wisconsin city and drew national attention. Some people say the mainstream coverage fails to include the Kenosha resident’s criminal record for context.
Blake, 29, was shot multiple times in the back while trying to get into a car in front of witnesses, reportedly including his children. The police said the officers were responding to a domestic disturbance report when the confrontation happened. Blake was rushed to hospital and is expected to survive.
Video of the incident triggered a wave of public anger in Kenosha, which fueled a night of rioting. US mainstream media covered the shooting as the latest example of reckless police brutality targeting African Americans.
The reporting however seemed to avoid Blake's apparent criminal record. Wisconsin Circuit Court lists a man with the same name, age and address as the subject of an active arrest warrant, with three charges relating to domestic abuse, including 3rd degree sexual assault.
There is a sentiment shared by many supporters of Black Lives Matter protests that bringing up a black person's criminal record is a dirty right-wing trick, only carried out by apologists for police brutality.
The Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) said in a statement that the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave while an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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Anonymous said...

Jacob Blake got what he negotiated with the cops.

When you are a dumb ass and criminal like Blake, more bullets in him the better.