Saturday, February 26, 2022

Vote on the names for Racine Zoo's emperor tamarin twins

From TMJ4:

Photo by: Racine Zoo
You can vote on the names of the Racine Zoo's Emperor Tamarin Twins.
Posted at 10:20 AM, Feb 25, 2022
and last updated 10:20 AM, Feb 25, 2022

RACINE — The Racine Zoo is asking for the public's help in naming its emperor tamarin twins.

The baby tamarins were born on December 22 to Amelie, who also was born at the Racine Zoo, and Pitino. According to the zoo, the pair is the fifth and sixth offspring in the past three years.

"These girls are important to the overall North American population of emperor tamarins, which happens to be male-heavy. Once old enough, they will each likely be paired up with their own mates for breeding,” said Racine Zoo’s Primary Primate Specialist, Crystal Champeau.

Now, the baby girls just need names. The zoo has compiled a list of names for the public to vote from starting now! The zoo will then announce the winning names on March 2.

So, what are your options? Gabriella / Gianna, Giulietta / Giovanna, Zarina / Zita, and Caterina / Carmella.

You can head to the zoo's survey monkey to vote on your favorite name pairing.

The Racine Zoo has also put together a baby shower wish list for anyone who wants to support the babies and the rest of the tamarins at the zoo. If you purchase any items, you can ship them directly to the zoo.


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