Saturday, May 2, 2020

RUSD Appeal


Racine: A formal Appeal with complaint to follow has been filed against the RUSD (Racine Unified School District) referendum that was voted on in the April 7 election. Attorneys Vincent Bobot (414-430-1249) and Michael Maistelman (414-333-9700) representing HOT Government, a local advocacy group for Honest, Open and Transparent Government, three petitioning groups, which include the Racine Taxpayers Association and the Racine Libertarian Party. The appeal highlights several problems with both the initial vote and the recount that was conducted under RUSD supervision and claims that the integrity of the vote on the billion-dollar referendum was completely lost and is not recoverable. Jim Sewell member of the Libertarian party stated “That when the recount started he was under the assumption that it was a truth finding process, but quickly realized it was an adversarial process: the recount was run by someone hired by the school district, and important decisions were made by the Unified Board of Canvass, all employees of the school district who want the referendum to pass. The petitioners firmly believe that regardless of how those complaints are resolved, the will of the voters has become impossible to determine and it would be reckless and irresponsible to move forward on spending a billion dollars under present circumstances. For ongoing information visit HOT Government Facebook and

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