Monday, May 25, 2020

Corona Bologna

I'm sick of coronavirus "news."  On all the news sites, all that they post are coronavirus-related stories.  Over and over, the wringing of hands over the pandemic.  It's disgusting.  The media are like a lost dog, clamped onto the cuff of your pants, and unwilling to let go.  Enough already!  We know that there's a pandemic.  How could we not know?  We are bombarded with coronavirus "news" daily.  Stop the propaganda.  Report the news, please, and not all of these opinion pieces disguised as news.  I no longer trust any news media to report the truth.  It's all a game to hijack public opinion.  Fuck the lying pigs who aim to control society.  Left or right, fuck them all.


TSE said...

I'm with you Orbs!

Let the fuck off the non-stop CV.

Please MSM - go away!

TSE said...

Yesterday EVERYBODY was out and about - the Lakefront and North Beach were crowded - groups of People - I rode my bike all the way to the South side - I saw -ZERO- Police - even an North Beach! Mason - Bowersox - and Howell - the Three Little Pigs who aren't even sharing in the pain as they continue to collect their six figure salaries & Bennies - Wgile they have shut the Shitty down.

OrbsCorbs said...

Given the weather, it was inevitable that large groups would be out. Probably the same today.