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Mike Pence will be in Wisconsin as Democrats stage virtual convention from Milwaukee without Joe Biden

From JSOnline:

Bill Glauber
Milwaukee Journal Sentine

Vice President Mike Pence is coming to Wisconsin for a campaign appearance Aug. 19, which happens to be the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.
Pence's planned visit was reported Friday by The New York Times.
No other details were available.
The move by Republicans is in stark contrast to the decision made by Democrats not to fly in any speakers to Milwaukee for the convention because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Joe Biden will accept his presidential nomination from his home state of Delaware.
And Pence's visit is set for the same day that Biden's vice presidential pick is nominated and delivers her acceptance speech.
Biden campaign spokesman TJ Ducklo called Pence's visit "disgraceful."
"Mike Pence bragging about ignoring local health guidance to campaign in Wisconsin isn't only a reflection of how desperate the Trump campaign is to stop their downward spiral, it’s the perfect analogy for how under his and President Trump’s leadership, this White House consistently puts their own political interests above the health and safety of the American people," Ducklo said.
Trump trails Biden in polls in Wisconsin. On Tuesday, the Marquette University Law School Poll is scheduled for release and will provide a new snapshot of the race.

Trump signs executive orders enacting $400 unemployment benefit, payroll tax cut after coronavirus stimulus talks stall

From JSOnline:

WASHINGTON – With talks with Congress at an impasse, President Donald Trump signed a series of executive orders on Saturday to provide temporary relief to Americans who are suffering from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
Speaking from his golf resort in Bedminster, N.J., Trump said his orders would provide an additional $400 per week in unemployment benefits, which is $200 less than the supplemental benefit that expired at the end of July. 
Trump said he also would suspend payments on some student loans through the end of the year, protect renters from being evicted from their homes, and instruct employers to defer certain payroll taxes through the end of the year for Americans who earn less than $100,000 annually.
Trump said he decided to act on his own and order the benefits after two weeks of negotiations with congressional Democrats collapsed without an agreement on a new coronavirus relief package. 
"We’ve had it," he said. "We’re going to save American jobs and provide relief to the American worker.”

Discussing Divorce & Spending Time Apart

At risk of closing due to pandemic, independent restaurants seek help from Congress

'Godzilla' was a metaphor for Hiroshima, and Hollywood whitewashed it

“Certainly all the pieces that were in any way, could in any way, be construed as critical of the United States or atomic testing, were really stricken from the film,” one scholar said.

The radioactive monster Godzilla stomps through a city and eats a commuter train in a scene from "Godzilla, King of the Monsters!," directed by Ishiro Honda and Terry O. Morse, circa 1956.Embassy Pictures / Getty Images

By Kimmy Yam

When the monster Godzilla, or “Gojira,” appeared before Japanese movie audiences in 1954, many left the theaters in tears.
The fictional creature, a giant dinosaur once undisturbed in the ocean, was depicted in the original film as having been aggravated by a hydrogen bomb. Its heavily furrowed skin or scales were imagined to resemble the keloid scars of survivors of the two atomic bombs that the U.S. dropped on Japan nine years earlier to end World War II.
American audiences, however, had the opposite reaction, finding comedic value in what many interpreted as a cheesy monster movie.
“Most Americans think if you left the movie in tears, it was just because you laughed so hard,” William Tsutsui, author of “Godzilla on My Mind: Fifty Years of the King of Monsters,” told NBC Asian America.
The stark contrast reflects how Hollywood took the Japanese concept and scrubbed it of its political message before presenting it to American audiences to deflect from the U.S. decision to drop the bombs, critics say.

Another 'record breaking' number of illegal migrants make crossing to UK

U.S. imposes sanctions on Hong Kong officials

Bikers flock to enormous rally in South Dakota amid pandemic | WNT

Giant ice chunk from glacier sparks forced evacuations

GOP lawmaker calls on Falwell Jr. to resign over photo

Farmer Brings Home ‘Kitten’ That Turns Out to Be Baby Cougar

How Accurate Are Virus Tests? Ohio Governor’s Results Show Positives and Negatives

With testing delays nationwide, experts are increasingly recommending a new type of rapid test that gives less accurate results. It is imperfect, but as one expert put it, “pretty good is a lot better than none.”

Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio was surprised to receive a positive test result during a screening by the White House on Thursday. He later tested negative.Credit...Andrew Welsh Huggins/Associated Press

Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio received a negative coronavirus test result on Thursday, hours after a positive test result had stopped him from meeting with President Trump in Cleveland. The contradictory results during a high-profile moment underscored the challenges of testing, an issue that has repeatedly stymied the virus response in the United States.
“I’m sure the internet is lighting up with, ‘Well, you can’t believe any test,’” Mr. DeWine, a Republican, said during an interview with 92.3 WCOL, a Columbus radio station, on Friday.
“No one should take the results of this test and say, ‘Oh, none of these numbers are right,’” he added. “There is always a possibility for error.”
At issue are two types of coronavirus tests that are increasingly taking center stage as part of the virus response in the United States. As part of a screening by the White House, Mr. DeWine first received an antigen test, a newer type of test that provides faster results but is less accurate than traditional laboratory testing. He was later tested using a more standard procedure known as polymerase chain reaction, or P.C.R., an accurate but time-intensive method that requires samples to be processed at a laboratory.

Does President Trump care about winning the popular vote?

Exclusive: Joe Biden and Democrats unveil details of DNC convention including nightly themes, ways to watch

Joey Garrison

WASHINGTON – With guests and segments streamed in from across the country, Democrats and their presumptive nominee Joe Biden plan to use four nights of videos and speakers at the party's convention to highlight stories of everyday Americans struggling during a global pandemic and economic upheaval. 
In doing so, they will cast blame on President Donald Trump for simultaneous crises and argue that Biden, the former vice president, is the person America needs to lead the nation out of chaos.
Biden and the Democratic National Committee have chosen "Uniting America," according to convention planners, as the primary theme for the four-day day Democratic National Convention, originally planned for Milwaukee but now to be conducted by video from satellite locations because of the coronavirus pandemic.
The theme for the DNC's unprecedented virtual convention is meant to show a sharp contrast to Trump, who Democrats say has divided the nation amid one of its most trying periods.

Happy Emancipation Day

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Trump will issue executive order if Democrats 'hold relief hostage'

Biden apologizes for remarks about Black community

Kanye West's nomination papers challenged in Wisconsin SHARE THIS Facebook Twitter Email Print Save Kanye West's nomination papers challenged in Wisconsin

From The Journal


Rapper Kanye West has filed nomination papers to run for president in Wisconsin as an independent, but his nomination is being challenged on various grounds.

Rapper Kanye West’s attempt to get on Wisconsin’s presidential ballot as a third-party candidate is being challenged.
One challenge filed Friday with the Wisconsin Election Commission alleges that West’s nomination papers were delivered too late and don’t properly list his residency. The complaint states the address listed as his residence is classified as a “commercial” property.
Another challenge raises issues including illegible signatures and also the late delivery of the nomination papers, which were due by 5 p.m. Tuesday. It also includes affidavits from several individuals who said they signed West’s nomination paper not knowing what they were signing and that they do not support West’s candidacy.
One woman, Cherrel Pernell, said in a sworn statement she was approached in a Milwaukee Walmart parking lot by a woman who asked her if she was registered to vote. When she said she was, the woman told her it was OK to put down her name so they knew she had already registered. Pernell said she couldn’t see the top of the form.
“Then yesterday, August 6, I got a call telling me what I actually signed was papers to get Kanye West on the ballot,” Pernell wrote. “If I had known that, I wouldn’t have signed the papers, absolutely not. Kanye West would not get my vote and I think it’s a joke that he’s running for president.”
Kanye West is an asshole for refusing to address his mental health issues.

Racine woman allegedly drove into two road signs on I-94, had a meth pipe in car

From The Journal

Journal Times staff

RAYMOND — A Racine woman who allegedly drove into two road signs on Interstate 94 had a pipe used for meth in her car.
Santiana A. Ramirez, 20, of the 4200 block of Durand Avenue, was charged with two felony counts of second degree recklessly endangering safety, felony counts of attempting to flee or elude an officer and possession with intent to deliver other schedule I controlled substances between 10-50 grams, two misdemeanor counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and misdemeanor counts of failure to install ignition interlock device, and operate a motor vehicle while revoked.
According to a criminal complaint:
On Tuesday, an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop of a vehicle that was speeding on northbound I-94 near the Highway G on-ramp. The officer activated his overhead lights and then the suspect, later identified as Ramirez, accelerated away at a high rate of speed. The officer then activated his sirens and pursued the vehicle that contained three occupants.
During the pursuit, the officer saw the vehicle exiting the interstate at the Elm Road exit. The vehicle then lost control and struck two road signs and continued onto the next on-ramp going northbound on I-94. The vehicle sustained damage and had the hazard lights on. The officer was advised to terminate the pursuit.
An Oak Creek police officer later located the vehicle and said that the occupants had fled. The occupants were then located by the Oak Creek officer, with Ramirez having an active warrant for having a bottle containing 51 pills, weighing 11.6 grams, that tested positive for MDMA inside her hoodie
I-94 is a crapshoot now.  I avoid it.

“Black Humanity Now!” mural painting to continue this weekend

From The Journal

Rachel Kubik

Via Scott Terry

RACINE — The new “Black Humanity Now!” mural is getting some updates.
Last Saturday, Aug. 1, about 40 volunteers took part in painting the first layers of paint on the street of the 700 block of Wisconsin Avenue in Downtown Racine, between the Racine County Courthouse and the Racine County Law Enforcement Center.
On Sunday, professional painters added some color and design to the mural. However, their efforts didn’t last long as a rainstorm changed their plans that afternoon.
The rescheduled embellishments are planned for this weekend; Saturday's painting is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. Spectators can watch, but the painting will be left to the professionals.
Are the "professional" painters being paid? If so, how much and by whom? 
I agree that the black community needs humanity.

Open Blog - Weekend

All I need is the weekend.

Friday, August 7, 2020

George Harrison - What Is Life (Official Music Video)

Queen - Bicycle Race

Fire and Police commission vote to demote Chief Morales

From JSOnline:


Racine Unified to provide free meals to all students at all schools for next four years

From The Journal

Caitlin Sievers

RACINE — Racine Unified is set to provide free meals to all students enrolled at all of its schools, in a new program set to extend over the next four years.
This means that when school buildings reopen students will not have to pay for district-provided breakfasts or lunches, regardless of their family’s economic status.
As of last year, the majority of Racine Unified schools offered free lunches to all students regardless of family income, except for Horlick, Park and Case high schools, Walden III, the REAL School and Gifford K-8. This year, those schools will be included in the free meal program.
The district provides the free meals through the federal Community Eligibility Provision, which reimburses districts and schools in low-income areas for the free meals they serve. CEP is part of the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010.

What about breakfast and supper?

Three shot overnight on Marquette Street in Racine

From The Journal

Journal Times staff

RACINE - Three people were shot early Friday morning, outside, in the 1400 block of Marquette Street, according to Racine Police. 
The call came in at approximately 1:30 a.m. Three people were taken to the hospital. All were still alive at the time, although no condition report was available late Friday morning. 
Racine Police said the investigation is ongoing. As of 7 a.m. no one was yet in custody for the shooting.

City assessor appointed to also lead City Developmen

From The Journal

Christina Lieffring


\RACINE — Instead of conducting a national search for a City Development Director, City Assessor Bill Bowers has been promoted to head both the assessor’s office and city development.

Bowers, who has been with the city since 2014, was appointed by Mayor Cory Mason into a new dual role as both City Assessor and Director of City Development at the City Council meeting on Wednesday.
Alderman Henry Perez asked if it was too much to ask Bowers to head both departments and whether the pay scale granted is commensurate to his responsibilities, “because they’re both huge responsibilities.”
Bowers said there is a good deal of overlap between the two departments.
“I think there’s a synergy between the two where the sum of the parts will actually get more done because of the efficiencies we have,” Bowers said.
Bowers is talking BS.  This is his reward for massively low-balling the assessment on McMayor Cory 'Butterball' Mason's home.  Racine's government is a corrupt pigsty.

Officer Stulo, who crashed into parked car while drunk in Oct. 2018, resigns from Racine Police Dept.

From The Journal

Adam Rogan
RACINE — Samuel Stulo, the Racine Police officer who crashed into an occupied parked car while driving drunk in October 2018, has resigned from the Racine Police Department.

fWord of the resignation appeared on Facebook Wednesday and was confirmed by Racine Police Chief Art Howell Thursday. Stulo has been a member of the department since 2002. Howell said that Stulo’s resignation was “self-initiated” and his last day was Monday, Aug. 3. A statement from Stulo’s attorney said that the now-former officer is taking a job in the private sector.
Patrick Cafferty, Stulo’s attorney, made the following statement to The Journal Times on Thursday: “Sam Stulo was honored to serve the citizens of the City of Racine as a Police Officer for 18 years. Sam was born and raised here and graduated from Horlick High School. Sam has accepted a new position in the private sector that will be a better fit for he and his family. Sam was honored to work with the Chief, Command Staff, and all City of Racine Police Officers. He wishes them all the best.”

Read more:

FBI arrests fugitive who shot a police officer after 46-year manhunt | WNT

Trump gives Chinese owner 45 days to sell TikTok

Jason Chaffetz on 'political' lawsuit by NY AG against NRA

Trump Campaign Busted For Manipulating Biden Photos

Trump says Biden will hurt God and take away guns

Four for Fridays

Here are your questions:

1)  Have you ever been to Europe?

2)  How many brothers and/or sisters do you have?

3)  Do you brush your teeth after every meal?

4)  Do you know any vegetarians?

Have a great week.

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

CNET Tech Today

YouTube star’s home raided by FBI l GMA

Former First Lady Michelle Obama reveals she has "low-grade depression"

There's been a lot of talk about my vetting process lately. Here’s an inside look:

Sanders: If Biden can't handle questions, how can he handle being president?

Pelosi, Schumer hold a press conference

Inside Beirut After the Explosion | WSJ

New York attorney general accuses National Rife Association of 'years of fraud'

Graduation parties in Mequon, Thiensville are linked to an uptick in coronavirus cases in young adults, health officials say

From JSOnline:

Jeff Rumage
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Graduation parties in Mequon and Thiensville have been linked to a recent uptick in coronavirus cases in young adults, according to local public health officials.
When a person tests positive with the coronavirus, public health officials interview them about their symptoms, where they had been and with whom they had interacted.
That process, called contact tracing, led the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department to conclude that a recent cluster of new cases among young adults was due to large gatherings, including several graduation parties in Mequon and Thiensville.

I'm sick of reading stories like this.  Why do some groups of people think that they are invulnerable to COVID-19?  


From Racine County Corruption:



Racine County Circuit Court
State vs. Dennis Hamm
case # 20CM117

Judge Robert Repischak

We think so and so should you. 


On July 20th, 2020  Judge Repischak conducted morning court.

The following list is as it was published on the court calendar.

# of AM court appearances and times scheduled by the court 
on July 20th, 2020

38  @ 8:30 AM
2  @9AM
7 @9:15 AM

 July 20th, 2020 AM court's list of names with the publish court 
scheduled times.

Andres Manuel Avila                               @ 8:30
Dominique R. Baker                                @ 9:15
Raymond Bergeron-Davilia Jr.                @ 8:30
Jeffery William Biermann                        @ 9:15
Jeffery William Biermann                        @ 9:15
Jeffery William Biermann                        @ 9:15
Corey T. Bizzle                                         @ 8:30
DeAndre Lee Blair                                   @ 9:15
Samuel A. Burnette                                  @ 8:30
Brittany E. Davis                                      @ 8:30                  
Demetre Deonte Davis                              @ 8:30
Keaisa D. Davis                                         @ 8:30
Sergio J. Duran                                          @ 8:30
Erik Nicholas Eichstaedt                           @ 9:15
Shanice Ella Elmore                                  @ 9:00
Nicholas J Furuglyas Jr.                            @ 8:30
Shanita A. Gamble                                    @ 8:30
George E.Gayton                                       @ 8:30
Xavier Lee Griffith                                    @ 8:30
Xavier Lee Griffith                                    @ 8:30
Xavier Lee Griffith                                    @ 8:30
Xavier Lee Griffith                                    @ 8:30
Dennis P. Hamm                                        @ 8:30
Neenah C. Herschberger                           @ 8:30
Natasha C. Humble Sanchez                     @ 8:30
Natasha C. Humble Sanchez                     @ 8:30
Natasha C. Humble Sanchez                     @ 8:30
Gregory M. Johnson                                  @ 8:30                         
Ella Renae LeFiore                                    @ 9:15
Chelsea M. Lindsey                                   @ 8:30
Marshall A. Martin Jr.                                @ 9:15
Sisera F. Mitchell                                       @ 8:30
Michael A. Petty                                        @ 8:30
Michael A. Petty                                        @ 8:30
Malik Robertson                                        @ 8:30
Kendrick D. Role                                       @ 9:15
Kendrick D. Role                                       @ 9:15
Felicia I. Rutledge                                      @ 9:15
Donavon M. Shaw                                      @ 8:30
Talena Shilling                                            @ 8:30
Justen D. Smith                                           @ 8:30
Justen D. Smith                                           @ 8:30
Darrell C. Solfest                                        @ 9:15
Andre D. Taylor                                          @ 8:30
Matthieu J Taylor                                        @8:30
Matthieu J Taylor                                        @8:30
Matthieu J Taylor                                        @ 8:30
Matthieu J Taylor                                        @ 8:30
Danta D. Thompson                                    @ 9:15
April S. Vaughn                                           @ 8:30
Cerel G. Watson                                          @ 9:00
Jamiel Lamont Wheeler                              @ 8:30
Jamiel Lamont Wheeler                              @ 8:30

All of the above AM court scheduled cases were called before 
Dennis Hamm was called for appearance.

Hamm was indeed the last man standing before the court 
on July 20th, 2020.


Contrary to Wisconsin Statutes, and without any requests or motions for additional time filed by the D.A's office,  the court demonstrated its prejudice and bias against Hamm by granting the D.A's office additional time to respond to Defendant's 
32 days after the motion was filed.

And it still gets worse yet !

During the hearing, Judge Repischak ordered Defendant Hamm to speak only when spoken to, denying Hamm's ability to object to any court proceedings unless spoken to.


We suspect that Hamm's Pro se
was so fact based and so scathing that the judge was horrified as the motion illuminated the neglect and negligence of both the court and the D.A's office. 

Want to know more?

Email us and request a copy of Hamm's

Broken lady of justice

More on this court case in the near future.