Friday, May 21, 2010

Gorilla Encounter

I cried when I watched that.

Milwaukee Pedal Tavern

A pedal powered, 16-person tavern on wheels:

Their website:

How cool is this? We definitely need one in downtown Racine. I am serious. This is perrfectly suited to our Malibu of the Midwest.

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone! Another Friday is here! It seems so long ago since the last one. I've been working too much. This week's questions are about work.

1) What was your first job?

2) What do you think of your job?

3) What did want to be when you grew up?

4) What would be your dream job?

Enjoy your weekend!

Open Blog - Weekend Version

The weatherman says rain for today, but partly sunny on Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"'Beer belly' linked to Alzheimer's disease"

"People who carry a lot of weight around their middle are at increased risk of developing dementia, say researchers.

"A US study of more than 700 adults showed that being overweight is associated with smaller brain volume, a factor linked with dementia."

Uh, what is this blog about again?....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my luscious lilacs! How are you? Are we having a cool spring or a warm one? I heard that some crops are well ahead of schedule because of our warm weather, but it hasn’t seemed particularly balmy to me. In fact, with the almost constant wind off the lake, it seems cold a lot of the time. Is it just me? Is my blood thinning with age? Or do I live too close to the lake? Maybe I’ll just join our beloved Ms. Beejay in sunny Florida and say goodbye to all of this four season rigmarole. Unfortunately, I’m not fond of snakes, and I’ve read quite a bit about them and Florida in the JTI. Maybe too much.

Speaking of snakes, I see that the political battles in our country continue to be nasty, dirty affairs. Some politicians say they are not seeking re-election because of how mean and petty the partisan politics have become. Oh my. Soon we may be past the point of reasoning with each other at all. I’m not sure if the rudeness that one encounters in public nowadays is a reflection of the political scene, or vice versa. A lot of people are honked off. Many are mad at the status quo in government. Others just seem to be angry at the world. The lack of civility in our daily lives truly troubles me. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I always believed that manners were the grease that lubricated the workings of our society. It just makes it so much easier when people treat each other with respect. Life is difficult as it is; why would anyone want to harshen it with cruelty?

Sometimes I think an invasion from outer space would be good
for us. It appears that the only time you can count on humans to cast aside their differences and pull together for the common good is when their lives are threatened. When a group, or an area, or a country is menaced, then people unite. What better way to unite the world than to threaten it? I’m not talking about a real big invasion, leaving the Earth a charred cinder. Maybe just one ship (which would have to be superior to our technology) and a few grunts from an alien would be all that it takes to scare some sense into us. Actually, something like that may be the only thing that will work.

Oh dear, how did I get on such a dreadful topic? All I have to do is think about politics and I start to feel dirty. Let us all remember that it is springtime, the flowers are blossoming and the birds are twittering. Soon the glories of summer shall be upon us. There are lots of great things happening in and around Racine. One of my favorite spots to find out what’s happening is the Racine Post’s Kiosk: Scroll down a little; it’s on the left middle of the page. That’s the Post’s new front page, by the way. Congratulations, Racine Post. I know that some Irregulars are not on friendly terms with the Post and or its editors. I want to thank you dears so much for your forbearance when I post links to the Post or heap praise on it. I consider the Racine Post to be a valuable resource to our community. What they do is not perfect, but who, besides me, is? Ha-ha-ha!

That’s my blog for this week. Thank you so much for reading it and sharing a little bit of your day with me. I really appreciate it. The Irregulars are never far from my thoughts, or my heart.

Return To Sender:

Don’t forget, pay attention to the beauty around you, or it will go away. I love my dear Irregulars. Everyone have a good week!

Open Blog - Wednesday

The 'd' and the 'n' should be reversed in 'Wednesday.' And drop the second 'e.'

And reset your clocks:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mayor Marketing

"Wednesday at noon: You ask the mayor" - - An online Q & A with the mayor moderated by the Journal Times. I can't make it because of a previous appointment. (I don't think that they would allow any question I asked, anyway.) I hope they keep a log of the session posted for awhile afterwards, like they've done before. And I hope someone asks him some tough questions. In any case, I suspect that all of this, on the one year anniversary of Dickert's rise to power, is the result of our tax dollars at work via 'Mr. Racine' and the other PR people that we pay to promote Dickert to us.

WW II Posters

These are US posters so I didn't have to steal them

Monday, May 17, 2010

River Bend

Yesterday, with the weather being so nice and mild, I decided to take a nice long walk through the woods at River Bend. The trails at places were broken and rather muddy I managed to find my way through. I saw some cardinals, chickadees, orioles, robins, a hawk, squirrels and some deer tracks. Even heard some woodpeckers in the woods. I brought along my camera to take a few pictures.


The Root River

A trail in the woods

A young Red-tailed hawk


CBS Report on Copy Machines

Very interesting article on copy machines saving information on hard drives!

Do you use you employers copy machines for personal infromation? How much personal information are you leaving out there?

See the article at
CBS Report on Copy Machnes

Shooting Stars Explained

This one is for the Bopster!

Pictures of the United States 1935-1939

Pictures stolen from original photographer(s).