Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Armed robbery ends in homicide at American Legion Bar"

From RacineUncovered:

"Racine Police are investigating a homicide that occurred during an armed robbery. On May 31, 2014 at 1:30 a.m. and armed robbery at American Legion located at 1234 Douglas Ave. During the robbery a male patron was shot and killed.

"The suspects fled after the robbery and are between 20-30 years old. The police were still on scene investigating and there is no one in custody at this time

"Racine Police investigators are interested in any additional information that you may have about this crime. You are urged to call the Racine Police Department Investigations Unit at 262-635-7756.

"You may also contact Crimestoppers at 262-636-9330, or by texting RACS plus the message to CRIMES (274637) and referring to Tipsoft I.D. #TIP417 with your text message."

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Also see:

It was bound to happen.  Two guys running around the north side robbing bars near closing time.  I was hoping that one of the robbers would be the first one shot, but unfortunately, it was a customer.  They took a shot at the bartender, too.

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Goodbye May, hello June.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! Like SER said, this week sure flew! Maybe not fast enough though. Guess I'm being spoiled by the time I had off from work. Anyways, here are your questions....

1) What Olympic sport would you like to try?

2) Have you ever taken in a stray animal?

3) Have you ever rescued a wild animal?

4) What piece of technology would like to own, but do not?

Enjoy your weekend!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Jacato Drive Now 98% Drug-Free?"

From Racine Community Media:


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From CBS58:At least Officer Motoyer has the decency to mention "a community group with an advocacy center."

See "We Are Racine:"

Best of Racine 2014 - Greek

Whether you love the gyro, saganaki or something else,
who has the best Greek food?

Vote now!

Which is Your Favorite


Alltime10s Thursdays

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Ah, yes, Betty Boop and her miniature dancing giraffes.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my bloomers, late and early!  How are you?  It’s been wet and wetter this past week, but “they” are predicting clear skies for tomorrow and Friday.  I love the sun and the light, but I’m no fan of the heat.   Fear not: it’s supposed to be in the 60’s.  Perfect weather for planting, unless your flower beds are soggy.  The grass is growing faster than Junior or the Señor can cut it.  It grows so fast and stays so damp that the lawnmower gets clogged, a lot.  I cross myself whenever I see Junior working on unclogging the mower.  Junior and machines don’t particularly mesh very well.   Sooner or later, pieces of something or someone are going to fly by.

I’m sorry about missing my blog last week, but sometimes “emergencies” erupt.  Some of my higher class clientele must be handled with kid’s gloves.  When they call seeking help, I rush to their sides.

I also get calls from leaders of governments and the Armed Forces.  If I were to reveal their names, I’d be dead within 12 hours.

So last week I had to soothe a client, a respectable man, and a rich one.  He wanted me instantly.  He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.  He offered me any price to sit next to him and discuss his life.  How could I refuse?   

So I booked a jet, but missed writing my JT Irregulars blog.  I hope you’ll forgive me.

Did your Memorial Day go well?  I salute all those who have served!  My family sat and talked with each other about the real meaning of Memorial Day.  We talked about sacrifice and country and duty.  We prayed together and we gave thanks for the freedoms we have that came with such a high cost.  It was also an opportunity for the Señor and me to teach Junior some things that he didn’t already know about History.

It all happens so fast now.  Going with yesterday’s Open Blog’s space theme, here’s a chance to relax:

That’s kind of a spacey and hypnotic video.  I give it three and a half stars.

To you, my dear readers, I give all of my love.  Have a wonderful day.  The sunshine is supposed to return tomorrow and hang around for awhile.

Is there something bothering you that you can’t confide in anyone?  Tell:

Thank you for stopping by.  I love visitors.  And I love you.  The next time I speak with you will be in June.  What happened to spring?    We wuz robbed.  Kaon!

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That means you.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Local Loyalty - Felle, Lundgren & Associates

 Welcome back!
Today, I feature a 'neighbor' of mine. 
They are just down the road, in the former Bestway Floors building.

 is located at 7001 Washington Ave. 
at the corner of Prairie Dr. and Washington Ave.,
 just east of Case High School.

Their hours are based on time of year. 

Tax Season - January 2 - April 30
8-5 Monday - Friday
8-noon - Saturday, 
Closed Sunday

May 1- October 1st
 8-5 Monday thru Thursday

(they deserve the 3 day weekend after tax season for sure!)

October 1- December 31
8-5 Monday - Thursday
8-noon Friday
closed Saturday and Sunday

I have to admit, I've never been inside any accounting firm before. 
My expectations of the atmosphere were 
(HAPPILY!) shattered, the second I walked in. 
I pictured suits and super a 'just business' setting. 
Instead, I was greeted like I just came home. I felt immediately at ease, and welcomed. Part of what makes them unique is the fact that they are very professional while not being stiff and stuffy. 
This was actually quite a nice, fun interview! 
Thanks Tammy Lundgren!!

Felle, Lundgren & Associates, is a full service, accounting firm that began in 2001, and moved to their current location in 2011.
Most of the associates are CPA's. They can do just about everything - 
payrolls, tax returns, pay bills for clients, help with financial planning, tax planning and more. 
They are currently expanding the building with future plans of growing even more. How awesome to see a business growing!  Their staff are long term folks, as the work environment is very much like a family. 

They are also very community minded and sponsor a variety of community events, including one coming up very soon, held in Kenosha.
Check out this fun opportunity!
June 7th and 8th, 10am - 5pm, 
4051 5th Ave, Kenosha
There will be a Grand Launch of 500+ kites at noon. 
This is a family event, free to all, with free parking!
The Chicago Fire Precision Kite Team will be performing 3 times a day. 
There will be a giant 140 foot Octopus kite, can you imagine what a site that will be!
Free kites will be given away to kids just for stopping in at 
Felle, Lundgren & Associates. 
Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, this sounds like so much fun!
Take the family, and enjoy this free event of amazing kite flying.

Fear not, I didn't forget about the 3 words she chose :)
1. Professional (but not stuffy!)
2. Friendly (for sure!!)
3. Detail oriented. 

If you have a need they can meet, please check them out, 
(don't forget to tell them you saw it here!)
and hopefully we'll see you at the Outta Sight Kite Flight!!

Open Blog - Memorial Day

Credit: Roninspoon Theater

We remember.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Rojo’s Robbed at Gun Point Again"

From Racine County Eye

By Heather Asiyanbi in Crime · May 25, 2014 · No comments

"Racine police are searching for the two suspects who robbed Rojo’s at gunpoint early Sunday morning.

"According to our friends at Racine Uncovered, the male suspects entered the bar, 1317 Yout Street, at 6:30 a.m. Sunday. Both were armed and fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of money.

"Witnesses described the suspects:
  • Suspect 1: black hoodie, black pants
  • Suspect 2: hoodie with white t-shirt hanging out the bottom, khaki pants
"Both suspects were wearing masks.

"This is the second time Rojo’s has been robbed by armed suspects since the beginning of March.

"Anyone with any information is urged to leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers at (262) 636-9330; by email at www.racine.crimestoppers.web or by texting TIP417 to CRIMES (274637)"

Read more:

The Journal Times is not reporting a number of crimes in Racine.  Crime is just our perception according to city officials.  

"ReefPoint Marina 28 Years Later – Where Is The Money?"

From Racine Exposed:

"It is now 28 years later, and by all accounts, ReefPoint Marina, Festival Hall as part of the Civic Centre Complex, Belle Harbor Marina, Downtown Racine, and The City of Racine itself should be experiencing a financial windfall from the economic activity that was promised with this $35,000,000 plus Development. Instead, it has been a spectacular failure that continues to rely on taxpayer subsidies. Ownership of ReefPoint Marina has reverted back to the County (taxpayer), while the Counties sale of Belle Harbor Marina caught no bids because both Marinas have no value on the open real-estate market. Today they are not profitable,  there is no demand for the services available (overcapacity), and they will require massive investments just to maintain the infrastructure, much less any 'upgrades'. The taxpayer loses again!"

Read more:

"Fair’s trial called off, plea hearing next week"

From The Journal

May 23, 2014 11:38 pm • KRISTEN ZAMBO

"RACINE — Former Racine Alderman Keith Fair won’t go on trial next week for allegedly attacking a pregnant employee after reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors.

"Fair, 61, is accused of hitting and choking the woman in 2011 while he was an alderman and she was pregnant and worked at his bar and private detective agency.

"During a bail bond hearing Friday for the woman who accused him of attacking her, Racine County Circuit Judge Allan 'Pat' Torhorst said Fair’s trial — slated for May 28 and May 29 — had been called off.

“'Mr. Fair ... has reached a settlement agreement and will not got to trial next Wednesday,' Torhorst said.

"Assistant District Attorney Robert Repischak declined to comment about the terms of the plea agreement after the hearing. A message was left Friday for Fair’s defense attorney, Vincent Bobot, but he wasn’t available for comment.

"When reached by phone Friday afternoon, Fair confirmed he has reached a plea deal with prosecutors, but declined to comment on its specifics."

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