Friday, August 31, 2018

A Better Mount Pleasant Sends

A Better Mount Pleasant Sends:

This is 20 minutes you'll never get back - but essential viewing.
At Monday's Village Board meeting, an item on the agenda was a discussion and possible action regarding the use of Fire Station #7 - which has been closed since 2014. (Many folks will remember that the controversial closing was done with no advance notice to either the public or the trustees.)
Village Planning Director, Sam Schultz gives a good overview of the status of the structure and some ideas as to how it can be used in the future.
Immediately, John Hewitt makes a motion to tear it down. Boom. His motion is seconded by Ram Bhatia.
Gary Feest brings up that this item was added to the agenda that morning, and the board has not received any recommendations from the Fire/EMS Commission or the Finance/Legal/License Committee.
Public Input = None
Demolition Costs = None
So Hewitt amends his motion to say not just tear it down - but build a park pavillion too. Ram dutifully amends his second to the motion.
Uh, they have no recommendation from the Parks Committee and no estimates for how much it will cost to build a pavilion.
It just gets worse and worse and worse.
They don’t know what they are doing. LITERALLY.
A couple of things: It’s kinda fun listening to Sam Schultz tip toe away from the sudden and impulsive motion to just tear down the station. Even funnier when he smacks Hewitt by saying the notice could have hardly been more last minute.
Watch for any kind of discussion from Sonny Havn, Bud Eastman and Anna Marie Clausen. They have nothing to say at all. Their presence is completely useless.
(Since the meeting was over 3 hours - we chose to make a phone video instead of downloading and rendering. Sorry for the less than great quality.)

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