Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Amy Connolly Housing Discrimination Lawsuit

Amy Connolly, the development director for the City of Racine, will receive $360,000 from her former employer, the Village of Tinley Park, as part of a settlement from a housing discrimination lawsuit filed by the Justice Department.

The Village of Tinley Park approved the settlement agreement Tuesday at a board meeting.
The settlement agreement dismisses the Justice Department’s case against Tinley Park, which denies any liability or wrongdoing.

In a prepared statement village manager Dave Niemeyer stressed that the settlement was in the best interest of the Village.

“This was a business decision to reduce the risk and costs of litigation, which could easily go over a million dollars from this point forward, with an uncertain outcome for both cases,” he wrote.

The Village Board also agreed to pay Connolly $360,000 and pay a $50,000 civil penalty to United States Treasury. Connolly is relieved that the case is over.

“I think Amy was vindicated, but we knew that would occur since day one,” he said. “But what this settlement does is it puts this to rest. And if there are any holdouts in Racine, they should know they are lucky to have someone like Amy that is a brilliant planner that cares deeply about the community she serves.” 


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