Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Dear Madane Zoltar

Hello, my sunflowers!  How are you?  Have you been enjoying our weather. I know I have, but it's supposed to drop to near 60 degrees.  In January, that would be warm; today it's chilly.  The temperature is supposed to rebound, though, just giving us a taste of autumn.  We can start saying our good-byes to the summer of 2018. Boo-hoo!  I know I'm projecting, but I've already thought of the s-word.  Thank God I have "my boys" to help me out.  I never have to shovel the s-word, Señor Zanza does that.  When Junior gets home from school, he helps out if needed.  I would hate to be a lonely old woman in Wisconsin with no male help.

Well, the Foxconn fiasco carries on.  Now they've promised $10 million to UW.  They sure are good at promising stuff, but not so good at delivering the $ it seems.  Property around the Foxconn installation is being bought up by developers.  And the city of Racine is seeing a housing boom in anticipation of Foxconn.  I certainly hope that we end up with enough people to fill all those vacancies.  They're putting up housing on Phillips Ave.  If you read the paper each day, you know that Phillips Ave. is a hitbed of crime.  What will happen?  Will the police make sweeps until all the riffraff  moves on?  Or will the gangsters take control of the new housing?  I'll be honest: I would never live on Phillips Ave.  Good luck to those who do.

The Donald Trump fiasco also moves on.  What a childish, lying, bellowing, tweeting twerp!  I feel like the rest of the world is laughing at us behind our backs.  Mr. Trump seems incapable of telling the truth.  Then, when his lies fail him, he just tells more lies.  He seems to pull numbers out of thin air.  They aren't the real numbers, but who's counting?  Ha-ha!  He's petty and holds stupid grudges.  How did he ever get so rich? By swindling little old ladies out of their land?  Mr. Trump seems to have to regularly return to the foaming at the mouth level.  That's his constituency.

A hot topic around town has been marijuana.  The November ballot will contain an advisory referendum on the decriminalization of weed and/or legalizing it.  Numerous other cities will also entertain these questions on the November ballot.  Personally, I'm all for legalizing the stuff.  Compared to booze, it's relatively harmless.  There's no known dosage that results in death.  The story I hear is that DuPont was coming out with artificial fibers, but everyone preferred the hemp fibers.  So DuPont, along with nutjob Harry Anslinger, worked tirelessly to crminalize reefer. The height of this hysteria can be seen in the movie Reefer Madness.  And ever since, we've been fed lies about marijuana.  The states that have legalized marijuana have seen a huge increase in collected taxes.  Reefer money could be spent on so many good things.  C'mon, GovernorWalker and company, let's fix our roads and help the sick with this tax bonanza.  Get on the right side of the conversation.

Finally, the Irregular Football season is about to start.  I predict that I'll destroy all comers and win the championship.  There are two positions still open.  If you hurry, you can still join.

It's storming as I write this.  I believe there is cooler weather behind this storm.  Enjoy the break from the 80's and 90's.  It will be a good time for heavy labor.  Or heavy partying.  I suspect we'll see more of the latter than the former.

Thank you all for reading my blog this week.  It's the readers that make this blog.  Please stop by regularly.  I love you all.
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Tender Heart Bear said...

Madame Z if I remember right last year I beat everyone and won the championship. It is on to see if you can beat me this year Madame Z.

It is going to be cooler until Friday then the humidity comes right back for the weekend. The root river was getting high yesterday when I went to pick up Drew from work.