Saturday, August 25, 2018

Smokey and the Bandit

From Stately Blaska Manor:

But he takes responsibility, as if he had any other choice

hild non-support, drunk driving, driving without a license (three times!), and failure to appear in court. That is the rap sheet on the Iron Stache, ol’ Randy Bryce, unmasked by CNN (of all news sources). Not a Wisconsin news source? 
Time for some political triage. John Nichols offers cover: “Randy Bryce takes responsibility for his past mistakes.”
What a mensch! Guessing his brushes with the law will only add to his appeal as a Merle Haggard kind of outlaw.

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TSE said...

*Starring* Randy Bryce as The Bandit!

Another sad production brought to you by the Democratic Party of WI.