Sunday, December 15, 2019

Go &&&& Yourself

Dear City of Ratcine Alderpersons,

It needed to be said:

Racine Insight Dec 14, 2019 7:09pm

The problem is toys for tots are taking advantage of racine taxpayers
who are footing the bill for heating the 10,000+ square feet of space,
the electricity they use and the water they use for laundry
operations. Image heating your own 10,000 square foot home and how
much that would cost each year not to mention the electricity to light
that 10,000 square foot home. Why is it none of the other communities
support toys for tots with donations to cover these basic utility
costs in the city building? Those toys not only go to racine residents
they also go to residents in mt pleasant, caledonia and other areas of
the county. Since toys for tots is such a great program everyone
should chip in to help cover their costs. Ahhhh, but nobody will and
the city taxpayers will once again be on the hook while everyone else
gets a free ride!


I remember when John Dickert and Mary Jerger Osterman took over the
Car 25 enterprise - and then changed it's name to Belle City TV and
moved it's headquarters out to Mount Pleasant - while decrying why no
Business in their right mind would locate to Downtown Ratcine. Racine
Insight - Go F**k yourself.

And we all know Racine Insight is - Greg Helding.
PEACE OUT - Hateful and oppressive Common Council and da Mayor's Party
of five in da office - The Grinches who stole Christmas. But *HEY* da
5 in da Mayor's office need $$$$$.


Tim & Cindy

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