Sunday, December 1, 2019

JT Article

My comment:

City of Racine - ever since John Dickert - has been instituting Jim
Crow - First Off - City of Racine needs to admit it. Second - City of
Racine needs to notify Residents that Jim Crow is now law in the City
- so that proper adjustments can be made. Third - Downtown Racine is
to remain White and Affluent - People of color will only be allowed in
small numbers and if they conform to White standards. Fourth -
Everyone can then plainly understand what City of Racine is enforcing
- and the continued harassment of minorities who stray into White
areas can cease. Fifth - Ever since John Dickert - Jim Crow has been
the unofficial policy - I now challenge Cory Mason to come out and
make it official. The actions are obvious - to even the most ignorant

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