Sunday, December 1, 2019

Zodiac Bar

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

It does appear to me that once again, City of Racine is being
selective and overly zealous in enforcing Ordinances and Laws against
a particular bar - because that bar is minority owned and patronized.

To wit:
Let me ask the Common Council - and the Mayor's Representative -
Shannon Powell - why does this incident impact the bar - when the
(minority) owner acted appropriately:

"Another incident involved a former couple, with a restraining order
barring the ex-girlfriend from approaching the ex-boyfriend. Muhummad
said he knows the ex-girlfriend and he told her that if her
ex-boyfriend arrived, one of them would need to leave. When the
ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend arrived, they got into a verbal
argument and Muhummad said he kicked them and the person with the
ex-boyfriend out of the bar.

He later saw them being handcuffed by police near the roundabout but
said nothing physical had happened at the bar. Muhummad said the
ex-girlfriend has been banned from entering the bar".

And then we have busy body Ms. Bower Sox hassling the bar over.....
well NOTHING....

"Another issue involved a Taco Tuesday event the owners held on Nov.
26. Zodiac doesn’t have a license to prepare food on the premises but
it can serve catered food; it also has a license to prepare food at
the former Truth Bar location. The way they tried to make it work was
that Lagrone prepared all the taco ingredients at the Junction Street
location, then it was served at Zodiac.

A Health Department official arrived and shut it down because Muhummad
was combining the food — essentially building the tacos — which was
not allowed under their license".

Meanwhile the public employees are demanding to be allowed to conceal
carry...... to what? Better shoot to kill?

And then this tid-bit -

"Muhummad and Lagrone were called before the Public Safety Committee
twice before. The first time was in February, for a report that they
were operating without an occupancy permit, which Muhummad said was
due to a misunderstanding. They filed for one when they realized they
needed it.

The second was for a shooting that occurred at a parking lot on Ann
Street across the alley from the bar. A man told police he was going
to Truth Sports Bar when he stopped to speak with some women and was
shot by someone driving by on Ann.

At that meeting, the committee decided the bar was not responsible for
the incident and the report should be received and filed. Normally if
an establishment if brought before the committee twice within six
months they are referred to the City Attorney’s office for
disciplinary proceedings, but the committee decided it was unnecessary
in that case".

SO being called before a Committee of educated government
professionals - even after it was determined that the Bar wasn't
accountable for the incident - counts against the Bar in future
actions which might impact their license.

You have to be kidding me - what kind of hateful and hurtful People
are you? Every one of you you has condoned this governmental body
behavior is a criminal. HEY - if you don't want People of Color in
Downtown - at least be TRUTHFUL - and enact Jim Crow Laws - for that
is what you are doing by proxy. End your lies and deceit - HEY - you
may even I find that I agree with your position - that Diversity
produces tension and distrust and that separation of the races may be
best for all - because that is the position you are actively

Lest I remind you of Holmes vs. Wahlen - where numerous White people
were allowed to violate an African American rights - as upheld and
acknowledged by WI Court of Appeals - and those white men never paid a
price for their criminal actions.


Tim & Cindy

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