Saturday, January 25, 2020

Fair Warning Given at January 21st City Council Meeting

Fair Warning Given at January 21st City Council Meeting
"We are not convinced that all of the millions of dollars that have passed from the public to the government and on to various projects and programs have been appropriately spent. Therefore, we will be calling for a complete, independent, forensic audit in the near future with the specific goal of determining if inappropriate handling of public funds - or even illegal activity - has occurred.
We have watched with no actual recourse while millions of our tax dollars and other monies that have passed through the hands of government have been spent on projects and plans that have resulted in no real benefit to us.
We have watched hopefully while projects such as Point Blue, The Porter Project, The Imaginarium, Delta Hawk and the Gold Medal project, to name a few, have come and gone at significant cost but without benefit to the citizens.
We have seen $600,000 spent just on a study to determine the feasibility of "The Arena" project, which only a few supported, and recently $60,000 to determine the wisdom of rehabbing The Uptown Theater, a facility that I personally ...could see was unsalvageable for anything less than a small fortune, and which would almost certainly become a money pit for public dollars.
And who can forget "Machinery Row" which has drained millions and millions of dollars from the public coffers so far, and potentially will require millions more to create closure.
We are all aware that internal audits occur on annual basis, but such audits do little more than confirm that money has been received, and money has been spent on largely unexamined budget line items."
~Ken Yorgan's public comment

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