Saturday, January 25, 2020

Dear Village Board

Dear Village Board,

I note that A Better Mount Pleasant has shared an excellent article
from Reporter Bruce Murphy - over at Urban Milwaukee - concerning the
MTP Foxconn Development:

Foxconn’s 1 Million Square Feet; Of What?

Despite media claims, new facility unlikely to be a Gen 6
manufacturer. So what will it be?
And no doubt - something is happening there - but it is NOT what Scott
Walker, David DeGroot, Jonathon Delagrave or Cory Mason promised.

Well - at least Statewide Wisconsin Taxpayers may save on one end -
while David DeGroot and his Village Board will need to once again
raise taxes to cover the losses from the failed Scottie Walker gamble
- and insistence of TEA - Party Village President David DeGroot and
Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave to force forward a Project
that was failed from the inception - and they knew that the failure of
the Scott Walker Administration to secure a required and necessary
Corning Glass works manufacturing facility doomed the Project from the

Good news (?):

"Up to $150 million could be available to the state due to the
downsizing of the Foxconn project, according to a new estimate by the
Legislature's nonpartisan budget office.

The 2019-21 budget included the maximum amount of the cash payments
that Foxconn was eligible for under the enabling legislation and
contract with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC).

The original deal called for Foxconn to build what's known as a
"Generation 10.5" liquid crystal display plant, meaning it would have
built some of the largest, most technologically-advanced screens in
the world. When the deal was pitched to the Legislature, it called for
22 million square-foot manufacturing campus.

The company has since backed away from those plans and is currently
building a 1 million square-foot facility that could eventually build
"Generation 6" screens, which are smaller.

A $3 billion incentives package was approved for Foxconn by the
GOP-controlled state Legislature in 2017. Incentives are based on job

In 2018, Foxconn reported 192 jobs, and WEDC verified 113 jobs as
eligible for the credit. Foxconn’s job goal in 2018 was 260, so the
company didn't qualify for tax credits".
The entire Village Board - with ONE exception needs to hang their
heads in shame, apologize to Residents, and resign!

Criminals! The Lot of you!


Tim & Cindy

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