Thursday, January 23, 2020

My comment

"Originally, the city decided to set aside 10% of franchise fees to fund the channel. It had a studio and one to two employees who helped run it. Former Mayor John Dickert pushed to have an outside firm run the channel, which lasted for about a year, and then those positions were cut".
John Dickert and Mary Jerger Osterman stole the channel from the People - because they didn't like the dissent.
The group of John Dickert's friends who were given the PEG channel - really didn't want it - and moved it from Downtown Racine to Mount Pleasant! Ron Thomas and Mary Jerger Osterman were clueless - and colluded with John Dickert to state that a PEG channel would bring in $MILLIONS$ in revenue from advertising and broadcasting to Illinois. ILLEGAL! ILLEGAL! ILLEGAL!
Now - the Common Council is attempting to do the right thing and restore funding to the PEG channel they promised to Residents - and under State Statute set a fee which included it.
OH! So now the Residents of Racine should be glad that something which was stolen by City Government - is gonna be restored? Where is the cost of restitution? The making whole of the Public? Criminals like John Dickert and Mary Jerger Osterman being charged with crimes by Republican Racine County DA Trish Hanson?
This is merely a token effort to assuage those who have been offended by City of Racine's unlawful and illegal actions.


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