Saturday, March 28, 2020

RUSD Must Have Money To Burn

I keep receiving flyers in the mail from RUSD pimping their billion dollar referendum.  It's worth noting that these flyers are glossy stock printed on light cardboard.  It's not cheap to produce these things, especially when you consider that RUSD sends them out to every residence in Racine.  These facts alone prove that RUSD is a spendthrift, pissing away our tax dollars in an effort to secure more.  RUSD is like a large cancer on the city of Racine, sucking out our life blood as it grows unchecked.  RUSD musrt be disbanded if Racine is to survive.  Vote NO on RUSD's billion dollar referendum.  If the referendum passes, RUSD will continue to throw away our money like a drunken sailor.  Stop the madness.  Vote NO!


TSE said...

II voted absentee - and I voted - NO!


End the madness.

OrbsCorbs said...

I received another flyer from RUSD on Saturday. This one was larger than the previous ones and mentioned COVID-19. RUSD is wasting more and more money trying to get more and more money. Screw the thieves!