Saturday, March 21, 2020

Bidet sales soar as toilet paper sells out amid COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

As cases of the coronavirus continue to climb, nothing feels more surreal than the irrational stockpiling of toilet paper, even though experts tell us it isn’t necessary and manufacturers say there is no shortage.
Whether it stems from a herd mentality, reading social media posts about toilet paper fights, or an overwhelming sense of helplessness, one thing is certain: the panic buying of toilet paper has prompted bidet sales to soar.
While Americans have long been resistant to bidets — a common feature in European toilets where jets of water clean you off instead of toilet paper — the spread of the coronavirus seems to be changing longtime views on self-washing.
Inexpensive entry-level styles of the Toto washlet bidet seat can be found at big box stores like Home Depot, Wayfair and Lowes for as low as $250. And new affordable alternatives, like the Tushy bidet, allow you to clip on a bidet attachment without plumbing (it draws water from the toilet’s supply line) and electricity for the cost of toilet paper on EBay right now — $79 for a classic bidet and $109 for the warm water spa version.
Tushy’s sales over the past few weeks have grown from double to triple to more like 10-times what they were in weeks before word spread about TP shortages,” said Jason Ojalvo, CEO of Tushy. “This could be the tipping point that finally gets Americans to adopt the bidet.”
Brondell, which sells bidet attachments, hand-held bidet sprayers and luxurious bidet seats, has also seen a boost in sales in the wake of the pandemic.

In the midst of this unprecedented toilet paper run, we’re really grateful for the opportunity to provide those who need them with smart solutions for toilet paper replacement,” said Daniel Lalley communications director for Brondell.

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