Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my sweethearts!  How are you?  Welcome to the late edition of my blog.  How are you doing in this sweltering weather?  It's like someone flipped a switch.  One day it's cool, the next day it's hot as hell.  Oh my.  My home is older and has radiators for heat.  To install central air conditioning is cost prohibitive.  We get by with window air conditioning units.  The one that cools my office recently conked out.  Señor Zanza replaced it.  Although the unit he purchased supposedly can cool as many BTUs as the old unit, it simply can't keep up with this heat.  I have the unit on high cool all day long, but it simply doesn't cool as well as the old unit.  When I had the old one on high cool for four hours, it turned my office into a winter wonderland.  All that this one does is limp along.

How about that secret parade that Racine sponsored?  Have you ever heard of anything more stupid?  Stage a parade, but don't tell anyone about it.  Then why even have it?  I believe that Mr. McMayor Cory 'Butterball' Mason and our other city "leaders" are losing it with this pandemic.  Mr. McMayor is acting like a little dictator and his public health director is acting like Hermann Göring to his Adolf Hitler.  They issue decrees that are without the backing of law, but we must follow or be arrested by McMayor Hitler's security chief, Art "Heinrich Himmler" Howell.

And then we have the president of the Racine Educators Union stating that she wants the police out of our schools.  That's fine, Ms. Cruz, just so long as you promise to deal with each disorderly student yourself.  You be sure to be there when a gun is found on a student's person.  You be there to break up fights.  You be there to deal with stolen goods.  You be there when a student throws a fit.  You be there to mommy and daddy the little monsters.  Please publish your personal phone number so we know who to call when a student flips out.  YOU BE THERE, Ms. Cruz, or shut your mouth!  None of your own union agrees with your stupidity, Ms. Clown.

Democracy is dead in Racine.  You may be able to pick your representation on the Common Council, but all other positions are decided well ahead of any elections or appointments.  Mr. McMayor 'Butterball' is peeing away money like mad.  He has four assistants.  Four.  Previous mayors shared a receptionist with another office and that was it.  Why does Mr. Butterball require four assistants?  Perhaps two are devoted to bringing McMayor donuts and fast food all day long.  Maybe the third is to wipe his butt.  And the fourth?  The fourth is to keep track of the truth, as McMayor 'Butterball' lies so much that he can't possibly remember the truth.  He lies and lies and lies to us, while he lives in a mansion on the shores of Lake Michigan on the north side of Racine.  He pays the property taxes of a pauper while peeing away millions of our tax dollars.  He is a criminal who should be arrested, jailed, and tried for his crimes against the citizens of Racine.  I pay no more attention to him than I do to the pimps in Racine.  He is a pig.

Well, that's my venomous blog for today.  Once I get going on the swine that supposedly "lead" this city, I can't help myself.  They are such dastardly villains.  They don't even try to hide their crimes.  They are protected by Art "Joseph Goebbels" Howell.  They can do whatever they want.  And they do, they do.

Thank you for reading my blog this week.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please be sure to respect one another.  It's our best hope for peace.
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TSE said...

Hear Hear MME Z!

Fuk that Butterball Swine and all his Toadies in the Common Council.