Monday, July 13, 2020

Even with shutdown, Unified's 2019-20 transportation costs higher than expected

From The Journal

RACINE — Even after reduced costs when students were not being transported this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Racine Unified still paid about $477,500 more than expected in transportation expenses last school year.
Unified’s overall budget for transportation in 2019-20 was $9.2 million. Chief Financial Officer Marc Duff attributes a portion of the extra expense to payments for special needs transportation, which were budgeted at $3.3 million but came in about $600,000 higher than expected.
Fuel and fuel-related costs were also higher than anticipated.
Although First Student did not transport any students in April or May or June after Gov. Tony Evers ordered all schools closed due to the pandemic, Racine Unified agreed to pay 60% of its contract with the busing company during that time.
This is why we didn't want to give RUSD a billion dollars.  Even with schools closed for three months and gasoline prices dropping, Unified somehow incurred more transportation costs than expected.  Drunken idiots must run Unified . . .

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