Thursday, December 26, 2013

"November Property Report"

From Property Reports:

"It has been a while since I have reviewed the property sales for The City of Racine as recorded in the Wisconsin IPAS – which stands for: Integrated Property Assessment System. For the month of November, the IPAS records show that 154 documents were recorded. Foreclosures were down, with only 29 foreclosures recorded for November 2013. The disconnect between assessed values and sale prices continues to grow. It becomes apparent, from looking at the data, that the City has grossly over-assessed the older and poorer neighborhoods – thus shifting a greater tax burden onto the backs of the working poor."

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Happy New Year!


kkdither said...

I've heard if you contest it and win, the price just goes right back up the next year. The house next to me just sold at 1/2 of my assessed value. Really?

Anonymous said...

It's odd how things happen in Racine.

First, the Mayor adjusts the vote to get what he wants - turning CAR 25 over to his friends at Skies Falls Media.

Then his Skies Falls Media friends purchase the former YWCA and it goes back to tax-exempt status.

Then the Cable Commission decides it doesn't like public participation and declares:

Public Comment will be limited to three minutes.

Then the Cable Commission moves the Meeting locations and Cable TV studio - TO MT.PLEASANT!

Please Note the new location for this months meeting will be held at the Skies Fall Studio 2745 Chicory Road Racine, WI.

2745 Chickory Road turns out to be owned by the Mayor's friend, and fellow St. Catherines graduate Gerald Bloom.

Gerald Bloom ownership of 2745 Chickory Ave. is hidden behind the Corporate Real Estate Investments Ventures LLC.

According to Racine County, Gerald Bloom is currently $21,828.19 in arrears on 2745 Chickory Rd.

Gerald Bloom also rents the store at 512 Main Street, Treasures Christian Book Stores, which just so happens to be owned by another of the Mayor's friends - Gordon Bittner, SR.

Something is really rotten in Racine.