Saturday, November 30, 2019

Azarian Lawsuit

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

Once again, City of Racine is being sued. This time it is over alleged
fraud which was committed during the failed John Dickert/Cory Mason
$65 million Machinery Row Development. The Judge has reviewed the
Complaint, and while the questionably competent and potentially
malfeasant City Attorney Scott Letteney asked for a dismissal - the
Judge DENIED the dismissal, meaning that the suit is going forward and
taxpayers will once again BOHICA. Taxpayers ALWAYS pay the bills for
incompetent City Employees.

The Crew over at Talking Racine has a video on this development, see: addition, a copy of the lawsuit may be reviewed at this link:

Just remember - this lawsuit is going forward - Once again - theCity's request for dismissal was DENIED. Now you must decide whetherto defend or settle. No matter your decision - taxpayers will onceagain BOHICA - you can only now minimize the damage. I suggest you doso - because Cindy and I are sick and tired of paying for your poordecisions and failure to confront malfeasant and questionablycompetent Mayors - from Becker - to Dickert - to Mason.There are now 5! that's FIVE in the Mayor's Office - and yet here theCity is - being sued for FRAUD! What in the World are they doing inthe office all day? Or is 5! in the Mayor's office a jobs program forFamily & Friends.You need to *WAKE UP* and smell the coffee.When will former Mayor John Dickert and Mayor Cory Mason be criminallycharged for all their malfeasant and criminal acts?Yet another black eye for City of Racine - and it's gonna cost thetaxpayers huge amounts to defend the indefensible - please choose theleast cost option - admit the guilt and settle.Cory Mason must resign - or the Common Council needs to have himremoved from office - for the role he played in bringing this lawsuit.The Mayor's position must be eliminated - as the City only needs one,or perhaps two in the City Administrators position. That is ourpositive solution to the problem of 5! incompetents holding positionsin the Mayor's Office.Honest, Open, and Transparent Government must be restored! No moreRazzle - Dazzle con-men like John Dickert and Cory Mason.

Thank you for your time,

Tim & Cindy

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