Sunday, November 24, 2019

Which title do you prefer?

From Racine County Corruption:


Which title do you prefer?

Disorder in the courts
The Next Generation of Nazi's ?

Secret courts are a Red Flag !!! 

Judge Eugene "Gagthebitch" Gasiorkiewicz

 Judge Lisa "Legal Whore" Neubauer

It appears the next generation of Nazi's may
already be within our government and courts.

Working under the guise of divided partisan politics, numerous republicans and democrats within our government collude to subvert our constitutional rights. They work under the premise that the easiest way to control the population is to keep the public divided.

The entire judiciary is comprised of partisan politics.  Not a single judge has publicly spoken up or rejected the secret courts being conducted by
 "Gagthebitch" Gasiorkiewicz
 and  "Legal Whore" Neubauer.
The criminal and ethic complaints filed into the Attorney General's office and Judicial Commission were ignored. 
View the complaints below:

Why were the complaints ignored? Because of the black robe code. The black robe code is used collectively by the judiciary to silence the truth and thwart any attempts to break the code.
It is their secret society to act with impunity, 
above the law and above reproach. 
This is the very hypocrisy of our courts.

Secret court's in Nazi Germany were routinely used to 
control and cull the population.
These secret courts removed political dissidents,
religious scholars, political sympathizers and others deemed
 "undesirables" by the Nazi regime.

Since the Nazi courts were secret, there was no public oversight, 
therefore the public at the time had no idea what happened 
to their neighbors and friends.

Secret prisons, concentration camps, assassinations and death camps flourished under the Nazi empire
without the general population's knowledge.

The press was silenced as these events unfolded in Nazi Germany.
Underground presses sprang up as fast as they were shut down.
The truth was withheld from the public and misinformation was provided from the Nazi government.

Could this same scenario be playing out in America today?

The parallels are stunning.

Mainstream media is collapsing in America.
Misinformation is now commonplace and accepted as truth.
Alternative media is now considered reliable.
Record numbers of imprisoned citizens.
Law enforcement kills at will with impunity
Equal protection of the law is discarded.
Our court’s are above the law.

Think about this;
Judges, both individually and collectively must respect and honor 
the judicial office as a public trust.  Judges must strive to maintain
 the trust and confidence of the legal system.
 The effectiveness of the judiciary rests ultimately on 
the trust and confidence 
that the people confer upon judges.

When government becomes the lawbreaker,
 it breeds contempt for law as it invites every citizen
 to become the law unto themselves,
thus inviting anarchy.

The State Attorney General’s office and the Wisconsin Judicial Commission refused to take action against these two criminal judges,
the secret court's were condoned and protected by the the very government institutions who regulate the judiciary. 
We have a corrupt court system fostering secret courts and 
following the path of a Nazi Resurgence.

The secret courts conducted by 
 "Gagthebitch" and "Legal Whore"  
may be bellwether courts used to test the awareness and resolve of the public's acceptance of such secret courts.

Control the courts and you control the sheeple.


It is your right to protect your rights.

Act and Vote wisely

HOT Government is here for you
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The sheeple sleep as the wolves devour the herd !

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