Thursday, November 28, 2019

Investigation clears SSFD Chief Stedman; litigation could come

From The Journal

MOUNT PLEASANT — South Shore Fire Chief Robert Stedman has been cleared of any wrongdoing by an independent investigator after a complaint was filed against him in May. 
The complaint was filed by Mount Pleasant resident Kelly Gallaher who alleged Stedman was the creator and administrator of a website called Let’s Make A Better Mount Pleasant. The website contained numerous posts about Gallaher and her comments during village meetings which she felt sexually harassed and defamed her. 
Gallaher filed the complaint on May 13 after she was included in a Reply All podcast episode and said a listener looked into the Let’s Make A Better Mount Pleasant website and found an error that allegedly revealed the website’s administrator as having the username “fchief1951.”
On Tuesday, the Police and Fire Commission met and determined that no further action against Stedman was necessary. 
Stedman, who is on the commission, was not present at the meeting. 

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TSE said...

Lt will take litigation to get to the bottom of this because the investigation was merely an orchestrated cover-up.