Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dears!  How are you?  I'm fine, I guess, I think, I don't know.  Lord Zoltar had the audacity to make an appearance on my front doorstep.  I let Señor Zanza deal with it.  It completely fried my shit.  I went into hiding.  I can't deal with that man/machine.  I want nothing to do with him at all.  Thank God that Junior didn't witness the act.  That's all I need.  From what I understand, Lord Zoltar left here in pieces.  I hope he learns his lesson.

How about this weather?  Two major storms hitting over the Thanksgiving holidays.  More and more, I believe in climate change.  We've messed it up good.  Mother Nature is drunk and out on her feet.  I hate to say it, but there's very little chance that we can correct this.  Very little.  It's taken us 150 years to mess things up.  We aren't going to fix them in a week, or a month, or even a year.  We have to make a concentrated effort.  We must change our ways permanently.  Or else.

It strikes me that I haven't spoken of our great heroes, the Green Bay Packers.  After last week's loss, I don't know if I want to.  Boy, did they stink.  And the mighty have fallen to 8 - 3.  I hear the radio sports talk people discussing who the next Packer quarterback is going to be.  Aaron Rodgers, is your time with us almost over?  Say it ain't so.

Meanwhile, the Irregular Fantasy Football league plods along.  My position in the standings has fallen to 5th place, but I have clinched a playoff spot.  Here's how it looks:

Click image to enlarge.

The Half-Astrophysicists maintain their death grip on first place, but Mr. OrbsCorbs is giving them a good run for the money.  We shall see how it turns out.

Tomorrow, of course, is Thanksgiving.  We're doing it at home with me, Señor Zanza, Junior, and his special friend.  He won't even tell us what gender his friend is.  Anyway, we'll have more than enough, so if you need a place to dine for Thanksgiving, give our place a try.  And we don't care what gender, if any, you are. 

Little known historical fact: Thanksgiving was started in 1789 when the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock slaughtered the Native Americans and ate their flesh.  Ever since then, the turkey has come to symbolize the Native Americans.  Gobble-gobble!

Do they still do a big feed at Festival Hall for Thanksgiving?  I thought that was a nice event, bringing the community together.  And who should be the biggest turkey there of them all?  Why none other than our own Mr. Mayor Cory "Butterball" Mason. 

Oh my!

Thank you for reading this week's blog.  I love you all.

Don't forget to treat each other with respect.  It's the right thing to do.
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